What Counts

News is that Senator Clinton’s lead in Pennsylvania is shrinking rapidly, and one poll actually shows Obama ahead. And I don’t think that’s an April Fool article. It’s an outlier, but stay tuned. If Obama can make it a close finish, expect the Clinton campaign to come up with creative reasons why Pennsylvania doesn’t count.

Simon Hoggart writes for The Guardian that, unlike Rocky, Senator Clinton punches below the belt.

Greg Sargent reports
that the Clinton campaign is still pushing the Rev. Wright story to superdelegates, trying to persuade them that the Right will use it to destroy Obama in the fall, even though he seems to be recovering nicely from the hit he took on Wright a few days ago. And of course, the Republicans will be able to pin nothing on Senator Clinton. Right?

5 thoughts on “What Counts

  1. The Democratic race for the nomination now resembles those old word problems many of us dreaded in math class.

    “If a train leaves the station at 3 miles an hour, and gains one mile an hour every new state, increasing exponentially, will it beat a train leaving the same station at 50 miles at hour, losing one mile an hour every new state, decreasing exponentially?”

    The X factor, of course, is Time. Which is against Clinton.

  2. Maybe there are some Obama double agents among Hillary’s campaign advisors, otherwise how to explain the utter chaos, mis-management, stupid moves, inanities that define her campaign. I still say this primary campaign bears an uncanny resemblance to a Road Runner cartoon – Obama beep-beeps, Hillary heads for the cliff.

  3. Could someone put this mental picture in Penn state. Imagine the next RNC except instead of flip-flops and band aids you see a lot of little rubber ducks and hard hats. Mass chantings(like a bunch of kindergarteners) Run Hillary, run! Duck and cover Hillary! Hoo hoo haha haha! If she looks like she’ll win maybe I’ll print up some shirts and make a buck or two…(sic)

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