I’ll be away for the weekend, so behave yourselves. Note that there may be some delays in comment posting, since I won’t be available to rescue comments from the moderation filter. However, my editorial backup support team (my daughter) will log in and tidy up from time to time.

I see this morning that the situation in Burma is growing more desperate. The United Nations and a few other aid organizations are getting some supplies and food into the country, but so far not nearly enough. Here is a list of aid organizations accepting donations for Burma, and here is an update on what was happening with aid efforts as of yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Behave

  1. Do you support, or what are the chances in your opinion, of the UN exercising the option from 2005 (forgot the name) where when a country basically murders it’s own people like this we can invade it to enable them to survive? I mean, it was approved by the general assembly, shockingly enough.

    Second major question: If that were to happen (which I doubt but you never know) what army would it be? Certainly not ours, we have no one to spare.

  2. Have a great weekend.

    Now that I know your daughter is stopping by to tidy up, I feel obligated to post something messy so she feels needed. I’ll work on it.

  3. Has every one heard how the Republicans hate mothers. Check Mout ThinkProgress or Crooks and Liars. I knew there was something seriously wrong with Republicans–but hating Moms?

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