Equal Time for Republicans

Maybe I haven’t been fair to the GOP. Dems don’t have all the answers, you know. Here are some folks who have good reason to vote Republican!

5 thoughts on “Equal Time for Republicans

  1. Priceless! This made my day. I wish we could get this on national TV. Sadly, I actually know some far right pinheads who have seriously espoused some of the viewpoints expressed in this video.

  2. I’m voting Republican because I know that at their core most people will never advance beyond their baser instincts and therefore, we must provide the structure and constraints necessary to manage the masses and preserve the right moral order. After all my family and I deserve the privilege, advantage and comfort of being people that have worked hard to attain this part of American life just like our parents, grandparents and most of those who have gone before us. Whatever the poor people are doing today, well its probably too good for them.

  3. I’ve e-mailed the link to my friends in the States. What a (sad) hoot.

  4. Just when we Australians were starting to worried, really worried, about the state of US Politics you present us with this….

    Damn, now I gotta change my pants. Thankyou, really refreshing.

  5. Ah the smell of fresh propaganda in the morning. There’s just nothing like it. I especially like the black couple pretending that one of the highest ranking members of the supreme court (appointed by a republican) is BLACK!

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