The Replacement

There’s a good discussion at Jack and Jill about who might replace Tim Russert on Meet the Press. I endorse the Christian Progressive Liberal’s opinions on this matter.

I predict NBC will have rotating hosts until they settle on someone. The other most likely possibility, IMO, is that Tom Brokaw would take the MtP hosting job.

As much as I love Keith Olbermann, and as much as I would so start watching MtP again if he were hosting, I just can’t see NBC going with him as MtP host.

9 thoughts on “The Replacement

  1. I like keith olbermann for his point of view and his persistence in digging beyond the bush white house spin, but he is NOT a good questioner. His questions ramble and are way too leading.

    I was never enamored with Russert, though I do appreciate the love his colleagues truly felt for him. He spent way too much time trying to re-hash old news in an attempt to seem tough, while avoiding the really tough policy questions (on iraq, for example).

    I think NBC might start grooming David Gregory a shot at MTP.

  2. There’s no way in hell they’ll give it to Olbermann. I like him, too, but he only interviews people on Countdown who agree with his point of view. Plus, ya know, the wingnuts and the dead-enders (yeah, I know, same thing) would go crazy. I think the front-runners are Brokaw, David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell. Chuck Todd is a dark horse and I can’t figure out for the life of me why K

  3. Hmmm, that’s weird. Page reloaded and comment posted while I was typing that…

    …and I can’t figure out for the life of me why Katie Couric’s name keeps coming up.

  4. I always liked David Gregory. He seems to be the only guy in the White House Press Corps who truly goes after the administration. And judging by his appearances on the Today show, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

    I think Couric’s name keeps coming up because she is so tanking at CBS that she’d probably take anything offered at this point. Imho, she’d be awful on MTP.

  5. I think Keith has found his niche in broadcasting and his evening prime time ratings are too important to MSNBC to go for a once a week rating. I would prefer he stays there. None of the above mentioned is a “Walter Kronkite”, which is what is needed. Gregory agrees with Brian Williams that the M$M did not fail us during the run up towards the war; thus, he has no more credibility with me. They should find someone totally new and not part of the Washington club. The M$M is Dorian Gray–they look in the mirror and see a young handsome man or woman, while in a room somewhere is a very grotesque painting of an old and ugly person.

  6. I agree that it will either be Brokaw on a temp basis until decision is made. I think the best would be David Gregory. Keith and Chris – no way! Ditto on Katie!

  7. Jeff Cohen of FAIR would be great, but then politicians would be required to tell the truth, which would result in Hell freezing over.

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