Should the Bamiyan Buddhas Be Rebuilt?

The Bamiyan Buddhas were the big ones in Afghanistan destroyed by the Taliban. Some want to rebuilt them, other don’t. Here’s a poll.

3 thoughts on “Should the Bamiyan Buddhas Be Rebuilt?

  1. They should take all the captured Taliban and give them chisels and hammers and then let them re-sculpt new Buddhas to match the ones they destroyed. Maybe they would learn some appreciation for antiquities while doing something constructive with their time in captivity. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop?

  2. I like Swami’s suggestion. I voted “yes” – I think even a replica is better than nothing and, as such, would still be a testament to the Taliban’s brutality.

  3. Definitely should be rebuilt. My reasoning is that it would show that such senseless and wanton destruction of great antiquities will not be rewarded.

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