8 thoughts on “The Liberal Plot to Destroy America

  1. So THAT’s what happened. About 2/3 of the political web sites were suddenly hit with a “can’t open site, aborted”-type message. I thought it was my work catching up to me – then I ran into the same thing when I got home.

    So – Sitemeter is killing everything. How nice of them.

  2. Very funny, Maha. Would you please release Booman now? It’s been a long boring morning without the Tribune.

  3. Gee, I wish “they” would come after me. I have an aching need to feel signifincant…like I really matter. It’s just not fun being an obscure nobody who never gets validated by liberal plots. What a lucky guy the Confederate Yankkee is to have reached such a status of importance.
    I suspect he’s been tageted because of his exceptional online investigative prowess displayed for the Haiditha killings. Not even Sherlock Holmes could determine guilt or innocence at such long distance given the minimal amount of clues presented. There’s no doubt the Confederate Yankee is the ally of truth.

  4. There is a reason that “bloggered” has become a common term among the online hip-oisie.

    But what would the right-wing be without paranoia? Everything really is all about persecuting them, you know.

  5. This one was even bigger than our secret lefty Lieberman site crash exploit… oops, let the cat out of the bag.

  6. You forgot to add that it was all a plot by Obama because Obama is Hitler and, like, has published a book saying that he wants to exterminate Jews and go to war with our neighboring countries to create a “Greater USA” and has an armed militia and all that so Obama is just like Hitler. In that, Obama has two feet, two legs, and a nose on his face. That’s just like Hitler, right?

    Sigh. These tighty righties need to go to boxers rather than briefs, their tightie whities are cutting off the flow of blood to their brains (which are between their legs).

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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