3 thoughts on “Next Wingnut War: Iran or … Mexico?

  1. Priceless, Maha. Just like the Greeks locked in ancient Troy for 10 years, the rest of today’s world really needs to ‘lock’ us in for the next at least 4 years. Our belligerence has gotten to the point where a ‘parent’ needs to step in and send us to our room until we agree to behave ourselves. That’s what’s done with a spoiled brat who thinks the rest of the world revolves around him.

  2. Damn!! The mouthbreathers on that site are almost as rabid as those of LGF. Seems as though we have a contingent in our own society that are just as dangerous as those we label “terrorists” in other societies.

  3. Dadblammit… whar’s my coonskin cap?!!

    I love the reference to George Lucas’s Jawas in that site name. What better model for the site’s proprietors than a bunch of “tiny, impotent Nazis” (to borrow a phrase from elsewhere)? And that photo of Moss Eisley at the top of the page: “A wretched hive of scum and villainy,” indeed.

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