8 thoughts on “McCain: American Workers Are Soft and Lazy

  1. McCain truly is the gift that keeps on giving! If the Democrats can’t make hay from gaffes like this, they deserve to lose.

  2. McCain has spent his life slopping at the public trough.. Enjoying his free lunch. He’s got no idea how nasty some jobs that American’s do are, and how little they’ll accept in payment to do them. He’s just a freeloading bag of shit who is trying to pass off his ignorance of economic issues by blaming American workers for laziness when it’s about making livable wages.

  3. I believe it was the late Freddie Prinze who joked about the hierarchy of ethnic newcomers into the U.S., and which group was currently unlucky enough to be America’s public-toilet cleaners. One group would rise above such awful labor, and there was always another to take its place. It’s the inability to “rise above” anymore that scares me.

    That, and McCain’s comment proving he’s never worked an honest day’s labor in his life.

  4. My guy gets the #2 spot and the media is making him out to be the second coming. Where were they when he was running for #1?

  5. We had a couple of young male, frat-boy types renting a house from us years ago. They were party-boys, loud music, yelling, running around naked outside etc. often until 3 in the morning. This neighborhood is very dense housing-wise so naturally a neighbor approached them one very early morning and asked them to stop the noise. Their answer to him was, “If you don’t like it, move.”

    That is John McCain in a nutshell.

  6. Zeus, it usually happens that way. Very frustrating, I know, but not the worst of the MSM’s sins.

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