6 thoughts on “Senator Clinton’s Speech

  1. I liked the point where she referenced Harriet Tubman. At that point she picked up a good cadence that was a stirring and fitting message. The mother with the cancer and the Marine story was dried out and typical political speech…flat. All in all, I thought she did well..I’ll give her an 8.3

    I had to roll my eyes when the camera panned to Bill Clinton, and you could read on his lips, him saying..”I Love you”, to Hillary. For some reason I can’t buy the loving and devoted husband thing coming from Bill

  2. I thought it was fantastic. She had some great lines, including the bit about it being appropriate that Bush and McCain are meeting next week in the Twin Cities since it’s tough to tell them apart these days.

    As TV Goddess Rachel Maddow observed, the speech will move the Hillary supporters who are capable of being moved. A small percentage are beyond reason, but those who are operating on logic rather than emotion will have to admit the basic truth Clinton expressed: McCain is horrid on the issues Hillary Clinton cares about.

    I’ve watched this race closely from the beginning, and I’m astounded by how much Clinton grew as a politician during the process. She would make a great Senate Majority Leader, and it’s high time to kick that Lieberman-tolerating milquetoast Reid to the curb.

  3. Aaaaagh Swami, really? I’m having a no-TV week just reading the blogs and missing all the showbiz.That is awful, no doubt Bill got a cue from the cameraman. Nobody besides Hillary is buying it, but then she’s selling too.

    Now I feel better about not watching.

  4. Skipped it. I’m sure I’ll get the gist from you all, plus some laughs I might have missed, had I watched.

  5. Well if the primary purpose of the convention is to answer the Great American Question from too many potential voters, “Who is he?” Hillary provided few if any answers.

    Her speech could have been given at any Democratic convention during which any Democratic candidate was to be formally nominated – only the name of the candidate would be different.
    It was a political speech not a speech in support of a particular candidate.

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