Biden Speaks

What did y’all think? I think he did the job.

Update: Here’s the nominee. I thought it was bad luck for the nominee to show up in the convention hall before his nomination speech.

7 thoughts on “Biden Speaks

  1. Honey, that wonk was on fire.

    He had essentially 3 tasks:

    1) Tell us where he comes from, and what he has worked for.

    2) Hammer home the near-endless litany of Bush/McCain failures.

    3) Tell us how he and Obama differ from McCain.

    I think he hit all 3 perfectly. He may love to talk, but he’s also got something to say.

    And how cool was it when he told that story about his mother telling him to bloody the noses of bullies, and up in the balcony his little white-haired mama turns to the person next to her and clearly says, “It’s TRUE, too!”

  2. I thought it was bad luck for the nominee to show up in the convention hall before his nomination speech.

    I think that’s brides.

    All that convention-hall jostling, it’s murder on the gown.

  3. I thought Biden was great…a little choppy at first, but once he got his rhythm he was all over it.

    Teared up during Beau Biden’s intro, though.

  4. I thought it worked well. You saw the candidates and their families bond.
    John McCain talking about “Family Values…” Blah, blah, blah,… Obama and Biden with their families? PRICELESS!!!!!
    Still, despite Bill and Joe, I thought Kerry gave the best speach.
    Uhm, John, wtf – where was that one 4 yearsa ago?????????????

  5. I found lately that I am discouraged by all the nonsense and attacks on Obama from all sides. I try to avoid watching the political reports on national news broadcasts because they are framing their stories badly against Obama. It’s been a tough couple of months.

    So this week has been glorious for me. I watch the speeches on CSPAN and avoid the crap from the newspuppets. It is rejuvenating and inspiring to see the Clintons and Joe Biden and John Kerry offering strong support and firing up the Dems at the Convention. I find myself on the edge of tears because we might elect a decent, smart, and motivated man to run the country.

    I was tickled pink to see Obama make a surprise appearance last night. It seems I am not completely jaded by politics yet. When I see him take the stage, I feel so proud and yes, I’ll say it, hopeful. I want him to win.

  6. Teared up during Beau Biden’s intro, though.

    Think what it will mean to have the Vice President’s son serving in Iraq.

  7. Biden kicks ass. What a great attack dog! Others have said this, but he’s going to have to learn to not upstage Obama. He’s going to be a terrric campaigner.

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