Kerry Spoke

Today, lots of people are saying that John Kerry’s speech last night was the best of the evening. I missed it, and here it is in case you missed it too.

7 thoughts on “Kerry Spoke

  1. He completely eviscerated John McCain, and if Biden doesn’t repeat those lines used by Kerry out on the stump he’s dumb. And they should have Kerry out on the sunday morning talk shows like, every darned weekend.

  2. It was good to hear Kerry call the R’s on their tactics and flip flopping, it was good to hear Bill call the R’s on the fact they said he couldn’t do the job in 92, it is always good for them to be called out on what they do to manipulate all of us. It is ashame that Kerry was too polite in 2004, that Gore was too polite in 2000, that Clinton(s) were constantly embattled to keep them from accomplishing things , that the electorate has been manipulated the blank outof since 1980 when it became impolite to talk about and debate issues and policies and tactics and became normal to focus on all the wrong things so as to distract everyone from the agenda that started then and there. (m actually it started with the villification of Carter. after LBJ no Dem ever got respect again). We will see what the fall brings- will they run a decent campaign for once or will the Rs do the same ole things? what will McCain enable? Tonight there will be mention of MLKJr of course , which brings up the 60’s. before the Dem convention started all media that I saw showed over and over the ’68 convention with division and violence and the supposed Hillary splitters who would not be appeased- it appeared that the media had an agenda to label Dems as violent hippies and disatisfied delegates, even though 68 was 40years ago and half the population does not remember or care one whit. Obviously the disatisfied delegates must be a very small number. I cannot fathom that there are millions of women out there stupid enough to prefer McCain and all that will ride in with him over a Democrat administration. I do not know anyone that would vote McCain in spite- the only women to vote for him are voting for him anyway.

  3. I am with you Dave G. Mot just Kerry…. every democrat on every show, stump, street corner need to memorize word for word Kerry’s speech as it relates to John McWhatever…. it ought to become an anthem for anyone wanting to speak on behalf of the Democratic party….

    I myself, will be using bits and pieces on every blog as long as I can keep my fingers punching that keyboard….

    Word for Word !!!!!

  4. MSNBC only showed a few minutes of Kerry’s speech and I thought it was good. Now that I saw the whole thing – wow. That was fantastic.

    I also liked Bill’s speech. And Joe’s. Good night all around.

  5. Only to add the following: if only Kerry had managed to show us he had a pulse 4 years ago we may not be in the nightmare we are in!

    Ha! Well lets hope for the best.

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