Random Thoughts Continued

I have been participating in the National Journal‘s blogger poll. Tonight’s question is “What would you most like to see Obama accomplish in his acceptance speech?” A majority of left-of-center bloggers said “Show he grasps Americans’ economic problems.” Only two said “Establish that he’s ready to be commander in chief.” The results among right-of-center bloggers is opposite. The majority said “Establish that he’s ready to be commander in chief.” Only two said “Show he grasps Americans’ economic problems.”

Tells you something.

I’ve switched to CSPAN so I can listen to Sheryl Crow instead of whoever Tom Brokaw is interviewing.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Continued

  1. Just tuned in, and Al Gore is speaking. Did someone slip him some speed? He’s barely pausing for breath, and rushing past all his applause lines. Weird. Maybe they told him he had less time than he thought?

  2. I have been watching C-Span all week, the cable networks are totally useless, all of them. FAUX didn’t even bother to show Al Gore’s speech, seems they haven’t shown much of any of the speakers. I wonder why they don’t want their viewers to see any speeches? What are they afraid of besides the fucking truth. The media coverage of this convention has been horrible, a real disgrace. Why am I suprised?

  3. biggerbox, that’s Al Gore in “Passionate” mode. With more than a little “Angry” thrown in.

    I had trouble parsing some of his run-on sentences with this intense delivery, but overall, I thought he was amazing. Especially considering how he looked 8 years ago… like a Disney Animatronic Candidate.

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