One thing’s for sure; McCain’s going to get the idiot vote. What will the PUMAs do when Senator Clinton campaigns against the McCain-Palin ticket? And do they know that Palin wants to criminalize abortion even in cases of rape and incest?

Rachel Maddow keeps calling former Hillary Clinton supporters who now support McCain “post-rational.” Maddow is being kind.

8 thoughts on “Post-Rational

  1. My god, that site you linked to has the most awful user interface. You’d have to be an idiot (or a teenager) just to stand being a regular poster there. My eyes still hurt.

    I have to hope that the majority of any Clinton’s feminist supporters (those unwilling to go along with her express intentions) will not be enticed by the cynicism of McCain picking an unqualified woman. Isn’t picking an UNqualified candidate just because she is a woman equally sexist as NOT picking a qualified candidate just because she is a woman?

    Or is that just me being a man?

    I think I’d find it insulting that McCain passed over Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Olympia Snowe, and Meg Whitman. Is it really OK if it’s just any woman?

  2. What will the PUMAs do when Senator Clinton campaigns against the McCain-Palin ticket?

    There’s some chance that they’ll ignore it or explain it away, but I think it’s at least as likely that they’ll suddenly “discover” that she’s one of the most horrible people ever, almost as horrible as Obama, and particularly horrible because she fiendishly fooled them into thinking she was not horrible.

    That scenario might sound far fetched, but there have been similar turnarounds in the fan communities for various works of fiction.

  3. (To avaid confusion, when I said that PUMAs see, or might see, someone as “horrible”, I didn’t mean that I see that person as horrible)

    It has already started. You might have heard of the “I used to be a lifelong Democrat, but because of 9/11 I’m now concerned about Chappaquiddick” types- I strongly suspect that this whole PUMA disaster will create a similar (but hopefully much smaller) group. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of the people who are PUMAs now would end up hurling sexist insults at her if she should run for some higher office in the future.

  4. It doesn’t appear that the Clinton vote was the real target here. It’s the talibangelical vote, doused with some big oil.

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