I’m So Effing Tired of This

If anyone wants to explain to these, um, persons that a politician’s capacity to wreak vengeance on one’s ideological opposites is not a compelling reason to vote for that candidate, have at it.

7 thoughts on “I’m So Effing Tired of This

  1. No thanks. I’ve been depressed the last couple of days over the realization that the other side is just interested in making us angry and could care less about the results of their choices in people’s lives. It really is all about scoring points, isn’t it?

  2. With me, it’s about restoring something resembling rationality to American politics. Long-term, it’s not about sides or parties. If the Republican Party emerges from this madness in the hands of moderates who are not pathological losers, and goes on to win elections, I will feel something beneficial has been accomplished

  3. There is a story on CNN about Republican women angry at Oprah because Oprah is not going to invite Palin on her show until after the election. They are making this out to be a snub. But none of the candiates has been on her show. Period. She’s an avid Obama supporter, but she has NOT let her show become a forum for the Democrats.

    Republicans are desparate to get Palin on that show. Why? Because they want an interview which they can spin into ‘proof’ of media bias and victimization. Look at this. They are screaming partisan discrimination because they can’t get Palin in a position to scream victimization.

  4. Um, why aren’t those Republican women angry that Gov. Palin isn’t giving any interviews at all?

    OK, stupid question. They’re not fair or rational; they’re contemporary Republicans.

  5. I don’t love Obama. I respect him, I admire his attempt to honestly restore integrity back into the political process. I’m compelled to acknowledge his intelligence and his thus far displayed wisdom. He’s not my deliverer,nor the rock on which to build my house, but he possesses the character necessary for me to entrust my hopes. And sincerity is a virtue worth clinging to..If you know what I mean?

    For me there are no options except Obama. Where apart from Obama’s offering is there a vision for America.? We’ve been stumbling in the dark as a nation for the past 8 years under the direction of a headstrong moron and his sinister self serving sidekick, and denying the reality of that handicap with self deceptions and distractions. I don’t think the distortions and lies coming from McCain’s camp are going to take America in the direction she should go… Just more of the same. Vote for America!

  6. Swami – You speak well with your reservations about Obama. He has disappointed me with some of the compomises he has made. Wireless wiretapping for one thing. But I understand he did not want to leave stones laying around that he would have to dodge in the GE. After he is elected he will really piss me off at times, I predict.

    But he will try to reverse the dangerous course this country is on. SO I am expecting some disappointments, because his priorites won’t be the same as mine and there are so many emergencies to deal with at once that some stuff will be deferred. If he is elected we bloggers will have to hold back some left-wing lynch mobs who expect an Obama administration can and will do everything at once. Politics is the art of compromise and many reforms will be made in stages under the best circumstances.

    That shot of realism notwithstanding, he’s the best modern political scientist/philosopher I have ever heard.

  7. I went to the site and took a shot at explaining to them.
    Some of the responses posted on the site are at a higher level of discourse than I might expect.
    These, um, persons are infected with the same terrible strains of thought virus that has reached pandemic proportions in our time. Seen with the mind or rancor, they are a bunch of jerks.
    Seen with the Buddha mind (or equivalent) , they are fellow flounderers who have gotten lost in an overwhelming world not of their making.

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