Time and Tides

I don’t expect the “Troopergate” report released tonight to make a big difference in the presidential campaign. People who still love the Moosewoman will dismiss it as “political.” People who don’t think much of her will still not think much of her.

More interesting to me is that today McCain supporters booed and jeered at McCain when he said Barack Obama is a “decent person.”

11 thoughts on “Time and Tides

  1. If the supporters have been led to believe that Obama is a terrorist and hangs around with terrorists and whatever other lies they have been told, it might surprise them to hear Mcbush say Obama is a decent guy. At this point they probably think Mcbush was saying it sarcastically, if they have swallowed the party lines, hook, line and sinker.

  2. If Troopergate peels off one or two more percentage points from McCain/Palin, or helps flip just one more red state into our column electoral vote-wise, I’ll be pleased. I was driving on the freeway, looking for a traffic report from the annoyingly conservative AM radio station, when they somberly broke the news. Tears started flowing in my eyes and I looked up to heaven and said “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”. Even conservative AM radio cannot deny it.

    The people who hate Obama, who Palin feeds and is their VPILF, and who McCain cannot control, look at McCain/Palin much as most of us look at Obama: not perfect, but the best we’ve got.

  3. I truly feel sorry for senator McCain. He allowed stupid and evil people to influence his campaign which will not only kill his bid for the Presidency, but has freed the most evil Genie of all.Very bad things will come from this climate of fear,hate and ignorance.The Orcs have been unchained.

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  5. mccain blinked…he better have his a game on for Wed. debate. Obama is going to question mccain’s so called straight talk. Wingnuts think its still 1950s and african american men can only get respect if they walk around with signs that say “I am a Man”. Hopefully, wed. Obama will assisst them with their movement into the 21st century.

  6. To me, that video with the woman calling Obama an “Arab” is most interesting for her tone of voice.She sounds like someone who, when handed the mic, starts to recite a catechism, only to have the priest interrupt her perfect recitation of the lines she’s heard again and again. She sounds truly bewildered when McCain says “No.”

    “No?” she repeats plaintively. There she was, in her chance to demonstrate her true learning of the doctrine, participating in the service by contributing to the shared belief, trying to repeat back perfectly what she has been told, and the leader suddenly says that the words are wrong? You can hear her sense of “What’s going on??”

    The poor woman reacts like she’s suddenly been told that no, actually Mary is not full of grace. She can’t quite understand it, nor why the priest is saying such a thing.

    In an Orwellian context, it’s like McCain suddenly said, just at the start of the two-minute hate, “No, Emmanuel Goldstein is a nice family man.”

    McCain suddenly violates the rules of the group ritual, turning doctrine on its head, and it’s very confusing to his followers. How dare he?

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  8. There are probably many reasons why Palin doesn’t want that report made public. It seems that the moose-shooting-without-a-license incident by Trooper Wooten, if prosecuted, would have also meant that Palin’s sister and father would have also had to be prosecuted. Wooten made the shot, Palin’s sister was standing beside him with her moose-shooting license, Palin’s nearby father butchered the poor beast on the spot.

    (Todd Palin originally cited the moose caper as the #1 reason why Wooten should have been given the axe.)

  9. Some folks have noted that McCain’s kindly words toward Obama, while too-little-too-late, sounded like a trial run at a concession speech.

    He needs to keep rehearsing it… unless the enraged mobs tear him to pieces first.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to imagine Palin’s life after Nov. 4th, when she has to return home and face the music. I expect Alaska to overlook the whole Troopergate thing, as well as her gross violations of the separation of church & state (see Huffington Post this morning); and all her other traits that make her a crappy elected official. In fact, she may be crappily re-elected to state office several more times.

    I wonder if it’ll be the last we see of her on the national stage. I hope so, but I doubt it.

  10. Erinyes:

    “I truly feel sorry for senator McCain. He allowed stupid and evil people to influence his campaign”

    Don’t. McCain is not a sad old man led astray by his campaign. He’s a power-hungry, angry man still, at the age of 72, trying to outdo his admiral father (and grandfather). Becoming president is the only way, and he’ll do absolutely anything to get there. This is why he has no ideas for what he wants to do if he wins–that part doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters for him is winning.

    If you’ve not already, see the Phoenix New Times article on him from August, and the current Rolling Stone article. Both are quite damning on the McCain character/maverick nonsense, making quite clear that he’ll do or say whatever he feels he needs to to get/keep power.

    This is a dangerous man who should not be allowed anywhere near foreign policy and national security, and definitely not within ten miles of the “red button.”

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