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  1. This is kinda fun… like watching the “Cake Walk” game at my old elementary school carnival. Miss Jorgenson plays a scratchy old 45 of “Pop Goes The Weasel” on the second grade’s portable record player (the one where you could smell the turntable motor overheating from the back of a classroom), while seven kids march dutifully around six chairs…. Now six kids…. Oops, Hillary, too slow! Five kids…. Four….

    It was always fun for me, anyway, because I was standing twenty feet away, eating cotton candy and thinking, Suckers! But the cakes were always worth it, I hear, because my neighbor, the baking genius Mrs. Petersen, made them.

    Sounds like whoever gets into the Obama Cabinet (First Term) will be pretty good, because they have to be tenacious and also well-behaved.

    I have no metaphor for the cake.

  2. I still say they should have shaved Lieberman’s head, and put a sign around his neck like the French resistance did to the French women who collaborated with the Germans in the second world war. Denounce him for being in bed with the enemy.

  3. There was a lot of arrogance and even some posturing emanating from that witness table. Each of the three CEOs of the automakers ought to take the copy of The Godfather they obviously keep by their nightstand, encase it in cement and throw it out in Lake St. Clair. And they need to take a trip to Silicon Valley, Japan, Europe and a few other places to learn some corporate humility.

    Innovation rarely comes out of arrogance which usually indicates someone who can’t learn from their mistakes.

    By the way, it’s too bad Dingell didn’t push for higher fuel efficiency over the years. Detroit would now be in much better shape if he had. And so would the workers. Republicans seem bent on destroying the autoworkers and even the middle class. If the Democrats have their heads on straight, they’ll save the jobs. But the day of the gas guzzler is over.

  4. So what has happenned to the first $350 Billion?

    No one seems to be sure of what Paulson has done with the first $350 Billion of the Bailout money that has been approved. Just under $180 Billion has gone to Banks (list here) without any apparent change in loan situations or mortgage coverage.

    $40 Billion has gone to the party boys at AIG and we’re not sure what they are doing with it since they seem to be seeking more (guess they haven’t had enough golf and goodies.)

    $60 Billion is still uncommitted. Is this what the Big 3 guys are trying to take ome on their private jets?

    This is so depressing.

    Under The LobsterScope

  5. Waxman will be kicking ass and taking names, I admire Waxman, and pitty the poor bastard(s) he is persecuting.( prosecuting?)
    Waxman is the peerless pitbull (in a good way).

    Now Swami, if Lieberman’s head was shaved, would he look half-assed , or what?

    I remember the day when being red was a bad thing, being born in ’54 and all that…….

  6. Waxman, like the sponsor and participants of this site, is a communist douchebag. And no, that isn’t a good thing.

  7. Also, ginsocal — I assume you don’t understand that “Let the experimentation with socialism begin” is a joke. It’s a joke because right-wingers such as yourself are perpetually calling us liberals “socialists” when in fact very few of us are socialists, and most of what you call “socialism” is not, in fact, socialism.

  8. “Gin-soaked Al,” I’m guessing.

    Ain’t it great when they step up to prove your post before you’ve even finished it?

  9. You know someone hasn’t really thought about what vision they have for the future, when they run in and make a post calling people names and that’s it….I’d say, ginsocal is following the party plan. Isn’t that what McPain did in their campaign rallies?

    btw.. didn’t ginsocal participate in this site too?

    I would like to think we can all work together for our future. I would like to think that, but in truth, with shrub ramming through as much as he can these last moments.. I don’t think the other party is thinking about working together at all. My guess is ginsocal thinks Waxman and anyone else is a douchebag if they aren’t following the repug plan.

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