Teh Brilliant

I bow to the genius that is Gavin M.

This is the personality type that voted for Bush in 2000 to “stick it to the liberals,” and then voted for Bush in 2004 wetting their pants over the global foreign Islam terror jihad threat, but then recovered their senses in time to vote for McCain/Palin in 2008, to “stick it to the liberals.”

For in prosperous times when fortune smiles upon the Union, the abiding purpose of the spite caucus is to stick it to the liberals. In times of uncertainty, such as the great and encompassing uncertainty that we now find ourselves confronting, they find ways to blame the liberals for everything bad that happens and devise new solutions by punitively sticking it to them. In their imagined perfect world — i.e., without liberals to stick it to — they would stand around sticking it to them vicariously, while farms ran fallow and airplanes plummeted to the ground and cities fell awash under waves of seawater, as the dollar came to incite thin laughter in Asian bank moguls and as the very furniture was being carted out of their defaulted houses by sheriff’s officers. Others of their tribe would stand on the sidewalk as the tables and chairs filed sadly past, whisperingly accusing the defaulted homeowners of being liberals. The sheriff’s men would eye the liberals on the sidewalk with a mind toward sticking it to them.

6 thoughts on “Teh Brilliant

  1. Sore winners and sore losers. At least the Republican mindset is consistant. I guess giving them their way for six years doesn’t count for much. What a buch of wusses.

  2. Rush calls this grand funk (more than a recession, but not quite a depression….yet) Obama’s Recession? Why not blame it on the yet to be born? What a boob………

  3. A fair description of the appeal of Sarah Palin. She ‘sticks it to the liberals’ better than any other Republican, therefore she’s qualified in economics, constitutional law, international relations, and any othr skill set germaine to great government. She sticks it to ’em.

  4. Conservatives live in a hostile world that needs enemies, and so they create them – which becomes their proof that the world is hostile.

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