6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why This Is Funny

  1. I love talking animals! Our mixed breed foxhound/beagle says stuff all of the time. Mostly she says, “woo woo, mama” which cracks up the family. Our cats don’t say much, but occasionally they will chatter at squirrels, which I also find hilarious.

    When I was a kid, my grandparents lived in a very rural area and someone in their area had an old hound dog that would moan, “lordy, lordy, lordy” late at night, scaring us all half to death.

  2. Franken (unofficially) pulls ahead of Coleman in the Minnesota Recount.

    Current recount figures:

    Precincts Recounted: 95.30% (3936 of 4130)

    RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Coleman (as recounted)___1119878___41.38%

    RECOUNT Number of Ballots for Franken (as recounted)___1122413___41.47%

    RECOUNT Number of All Other Ballots (as recounted)_____458290____16.93%

    RECOUNT COLEMAN and Other Ballots Challenged By FRANKEN___2910___0.11%

    RECOUNT FRANKEN and Other Ballots Challenged By COLEMAN___3093___0.11%

    Under The LobsterScope

  3. Some very brave person got this video. I wait on three cats of my own. Based on their behavior, this is one puddy too pissed-off to be messed with.

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