War on Christmas — Status Report?

Wow, it’s December already, and I haven’t heard much about the War on Christmas this year. I’m late putting out my pressure-sensitive anti-Santa’s Elf mines and my clever flying reindeer booby traps.

Just point me to the front, if you know where it is. I’m ready to lock ‘n’ load.

5 thoughts on “War on Christmas — Status Report?

  1. I believe the front is at your nearest Target (if they have ’em in NYC)… which explains the corporate symbol. The pro-Christmas militia (a/k/a “mangerfascists”) target Target (sorry!) because Target won’t let the Salvation Army bell ringers stand in front of their stores anymore. Those godless bastards!

    (What the mangerfascists don’t realize is that Target does more community and charity work than any other chain store. They treat their employees like human beings. And they made the Salvation Army decision out of fairness– they didn’t want to have to choose between charities that could have access to the front of their stores.)

    Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to all!

  2. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started making my gingerbread secular humanists and decorated my polytheistic tree. Oh, and I’ve renamed Santa as “Sangha Claus.”

  3. Well if you listen to the sean hannity radio show you would know that we have been taken over by Marxist socialists and that the conservative movement is now” Underground” and they are a “party in exile” …there is a much bigger problem than a war on Christmas by Gawd and it is called the “fairness doctrine”…and it is going to “end talk radio”!!!!!!!!!! Who can worry about a war on a holiday when the Marxists are trying to take away JOBS from talk radio hosts?Holy shit!!!! Don’t you see the potential crisis??????How will rush pay his drug dealer for black market hard on pills? So hannity pounds away everyday trying to get his listeners up in arms about a new war…After all he has given his listeners now they will enlist(he hopes) to save him from the mean socialist Marxists!..But make no mistake..just let some little kid say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas!” and watch sean tell his faithful that THIS is why they need him!, because the socialist Marxists have indoctrinated this child already! and only HE will bring it to you!Gotta love hannity insanity!

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