The Official Maha I Ching Reading for 2009

By means of a nice website I found that saves me the bother of tossing coins, here is the I Ching reading for 2009, hexagram 18, Ku, or “Work on What Has Been Spoiled.” “Ku” refers to a bowl in which maggots are breeding, and the hexagram means the time has come to clear away what has been spoiled. The third, fifth and sixth lines are dynamic.

Excellent omen, I’d say.

6 thoughts on “The Official Maha I Ching Reading for 2009

  1. I sense a spirit of optimism this year that I haven’t noticed in a long time. The local fireworks were really loud last night, but they didn’t last long… as if the revelers felt they needed a good night’s sleep so they could arise early, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. The real celebration comes in another 19 days.

  2. That’s 18 days, 22 hours and 9 minutes, Joan, as I type this. But who’s counting. 🙂

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