We’ve Still Got China

One of several pathetic points in Bush’s press conference today:

[Bush] hotly challenged the premise of one question that his policies had made America less prestigious and respected around the world, saying that was just the view of some “elites” and other pantywaists in part of Europe. Go to China! he said. They still respect us there.

Yes, but China is one of the biggest supporters and perpetrators of nasty oppression on the planet. That’s the best we can do?

7 thoughts on “We’ve Still Got China

  1. China once called us paper tigers. They own a lot of US debt. They probably still consider us paper tigers. But then history has never been Bush’s forte.

  2. You better believe Chine loves the US– we’re their No. 1 banking customer!

    And, yeah, having China as an “supporter” of the US isn’t exactly flattering.

  3. The Chinese have this penchant right now for creating knock-offs of western items – be it software or media piracy, or copies of brand name items, all the way to entire brands. They’re imitating us now, but it won’t be long before they start leading.

  4. You know I watched President Bush’s last press conference today and was left shaking my head. The neoconsuperfratboy / C-student in Chief never disappoints when it comes to mediocracy and finger pointing. As a lifelong Cubs fan and mostly democrat I have become quite comfortable routing for the underdog, occasionally shacking up with the losers. And given the less than stellar performance of G-Dub you’d think I would start to feel a little empathy for the old guy and maybe give him a bit of a break. And I must admit there are times when I almost consider giving him a second look, and then he opens his mouth and or gives that foolish sideways grin and eye squint (I think he inherited that from his Ma). And in the end there just aint nothing left to like about the guy, he is a complete blank screen, I don’t get it. He seems a man without any introspect or simple curiosity. I can’t imagine how his mind can process the most basic human feelings, yet he made it through 8 years as POTUS (and we are all still alive).

    He came in with a recession and he’s going out with a recession.” But we had 52 months of good positive growth”. How is it the most powerful nation ever can lose 35-40% of its total value in 6 months and George w. Bush can call that a wash, or even maybe a positive?

    That press conference will be historic. Skilled and not so skilled historians and bloggers will be analyzing George’s oratory technique for decades. Who else can get away with calling the helicopter pilots who saved thousands of lives after Katrina “helicopter drivers” (is this some bizarre form of National Guard helicopter pilot hazing?). And “yeah I guess I could have landed airforce-1, but then I’d been criticized for holding up help” (George; Katrina was a failure because your government agencies failed to deliver the help that was necessary, the photo-op was just a metaphor). Iraq, the middle east, the axis of evil, all the rest of it goes on for ever.

    It really was something. Old boy’s last bullshit session. Last chance to show off his smug distain for the American people, his total lack of curiosity, his inability to be understood and his penchant for being “misunderestimated”. He just had to prove one last time that he never meant to be anything other than a cheerleader. The head cheerleader, the neoconsuperfratboy / C-student in chief.

  5. They’re also sending us poisoned toys and pet food because this administration castrated the agencies responsible for protecting us from these kinds of things.

    Still want to call that a success, soon-to-be-again Mr. Bush?

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