The Beautiful and the Clueless

I’ve been at a chorus rehearsal, so I haven’t been watching television. So I get home, and the first thing on my mind is — What is the First Lady wearing? I want to see Michelle Obama in her ball gown. And of course, she is beautiful.

No More Mr. Nice Blog has an astute comment:

No one who’s been paying attention to Obama for the past two years should find [his inauguration speech] the least bit surprising — and yet, apparently because he didn’t come out in a dashiki and a bandolier saying “Kill whitey!” and “Off the pigs!,” the folks at National Review’s Corner are scratching their foreheads … and some of them are imagining that a crypto-Republican got elected by mistake.

Righties have no idea what we lefties think, because they never listen to us. They listen to the straw lefties that live in their own heads, and then they explain to each other what we think.

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful and the Clueless

  1. I managed to avoid the weepies until 8:30 p.m., when CBS ran a profile of Merlie Evers, widow of Medgar Evers. I lost it again when Beyonce started to cry backstage, after singing “At Last” for the Obamas’ first dance.

    I’m sure you can find plenty of photos today of Michelle’s white gown (don’t know if she changed into another gown, later). They both looked awesome.

    And now, to business.

  2. Astute observation…that the archetypal liberal that conservatives so figuratively maul and point to as “one of those people” is more an invention of their own minds. I’d go farther with it and suggest that it is more a reflection of their own fears about themselves.

    They daily live with a rogues gallery of evil caricatures of others that would make Clive Barker proud.

    Without their evildoers, real and imagined, they are nothing…

  3. I watched much more of the coverage than I had planned to. But, I did so because I was so excited to see something I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime. It was historic and I decided not to miss it. I was also struck by how Obama and his wife seem like genuine people, real people with the same dreams and desires we all have. They were both lovely last night. I thought her dress was a light yellow.

  4. No one who’s been paying attention to Obama for the past two years… That goes as well for the lefties who have been feeling abandoned by Obama’s mythical swing to the right. We’ve all know where he stood and he’s not changing anything significant that I can see.

    Watching the Obamas last night, I was struck by how much fun the two of them were having together, privately, while dancing in front of millions of people. They are so very comfortable with each other, informal, loving. It is so good to see good people like that in the White House. Oh, crap – my cynic shield just went down again.

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