Lèse Majesté

What is it with “movement conservatives” and blowhard narcissists who present themselves as “leaders”? Although some deny it now, for a while the lot of them were ready to follow George W. Bush off a cliff. And now they’re following Rush Limbaugh off a cliff. Not that I mind, but it is a remarkable phenomenon, is it not?

And what about the Michael Steele-Rush Limbaugh flap? Oh, how I wish Steve Gilliard were here to comment. I can just imagine what he’d be saying now. You were right, Steve.

If you missed it, yesterday morning the big news was that RNC Chair Michael Steele had spoken against El Rushbo. On CNN, Steele called Limbaugh’s style “incendiary” and “ugly.” Limbaugh is a mere entertainer, said Steele.

And, of course, as with so many others who dared speak against the Big Fat Mouth, within hours Michael Steele was crawling to kiss the feet of his King. Michael Steele may have been elected RNC chair, but we know “movement conservatives” are not about to allow Steele to be any kind of leader.

And of course the Right, which sided with Rush nearly unanimously, told Michael Steele in so many words to stay in his place.

And if any wingnuts stalwart movement conservatives happen to drop by, let me say that I encourage you to stay the course and follow Rush into the wilderness to glorious victory.

The White House and the Democratic Party are only too happy to celebrate Rush’s rise to power. They see Rush as key to the future of movement conservatism — as an ever shrinking and increasingly irrelevant political fringe.

25 thoughts on “Lèse Majesté

  1. wow!.. The Collins report isn’t shy about showing their racism. The “Coach” didn’t waste any time in hurling the affirmative actionslur against Steele. I have to agree with coach Collins on one point..Steele doesn’t get grassroots conservatism,because if he did he’d know — according to conservative thinking— that Negroes are genetically predisposed to a subservient role to whites by a decree of God..Well actually Negroes are the descendants of the tribe of Ham, and that’s why God chose to curse them… for Ham’s disobedience .

    It’s good to see that Steele got his head right and kissed the ring of El Rushbo.

  2. Ahh yes this whole thing is quite amusing. Rush the thrice divorced, hillbilly heroin addicted, Viagra assisted sex maniac is now the official leader of the conservative movement. Oh those family values, those thousand points of light, they seem such a distant memory now. This situation is better than any liberal could have ever dreamed up.

  3. …somewhere, last night (perhaps on “Countdown”; the flu is making my recollections hazy), the point was made that ‘Independents’ – that amorphous. ill-defined lump that helped Obama secure the White House – HATE Limbaugh. The message to Steele and to the rest of us is impossible to miss and is not just some Rahm Emanuel mind game: Rushbo is the Leader of The Republican Party and He Who Shall Not Be Disparaged. That’s the message the party is taking to independent voters and I, for one, wish it – and him – all the best in delivering that message. Heck, I may just pitch in and help…

  4. I think that there should be a collective movement to draft rush to run for sen or gov. of Florida.
    We should MAKE him put his money where his mouth is.
    If he thinks there is something wrong with today’s gov., get in there, roll up your sleeves and get to work, rush!!!
    Let’s see how he can play with others. Lets see him debate in a rational way about issues that he doesn’t know anything about but talks about anyway.
    If he is the new leader, he should lead or shut up.

  5. Teach, for once you’re right about something: the GOP has become a pointless distraction from the important matters of our time.

    So keep smiling, all the way down from that cliff. It’ll only hurt when you land.

  6. I don’t see egging on Limbaugh as a distraction from anything. I see it as a fairly effortless means to get the Right out of the way of progress.

    I mean, how much time does it take to laugh at somebody?

  7. I especially liked the Steele apology because it was so very craven. His comments were very specific and all he could say in response was ‘oh, gee, on second thought that didn’t sound so very nice, did it, and certainly not what I intended…’ Hilarious.

    The guy who hosts 1600 Penn. Ave. on MSNBC (I lost his name) was trying to pin down some Repub congress types last night on Rush’s “I want Obama to fail” statements, and to a person they said “of course I don’t want Obama to fail” and to a person they refused to say that Rush was wrong in any way whatsoever. It was fascinating watching them spin.

  8. Ya gotta love this!
    No one on the Conservative side has the cajones to take on the Flatulent Mound of Man-titties!!!
    Rush is now the de facto head of the Republican Party. They all bow down before him. Goldwater and Buckely are spinning in their graves.
    Is there not one Republican leader Brave enough to take on Rush the Braggin’ Dragon?
    The Know-nothings have won. And the right cowers before a radio entertainer. Father Coughlin is jealous somewhere down below.
    A RADIO ENTERTAINER! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


  9. Uncledad — your comment was captured by the Spam God, probably because of your use of the “v” word. You know, the little blue pill thing.

  10. You know, the little blue pill thing.

    You mean those little blue helpers that Rush Limpbaugh uses?

  11. Nice title on this post, Maha.. I had to google it to understand what it meant, but once I understood it… I can appreciate how fitting it is.

  12. Oh cruel cruel fate that thou hast taken Gilly away from us when his commentary would be so deliciously received and enjoyed by all that knew him.
    Damn Gilly, we still miss you.

  13. Yeah, but I worry about the fact that millions of Americans continue to suck up and believe Rush’s every word. (Historians and psychologists have been grappling for years why ‘good’ Germans bought Hitler’s demagoguery hook line and sinker.)

    The leading lights of the R party are Joe the plumber, Sara the governer, Rush the bombast and some thirteen-year-old kid with a gift for blabbing conservative babble. It’s inpossible to shut these people up – and they shouldn’t be – the problem remains how to combat them.

  14. Felicity makes a very good point. There is a cautionary tale here. Anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence dismisses Rush. The scary thing is, millions of people don’t dismiss the gas-bag. I too saw the polls mentioned above about all the demographics who don’t like Rush…but again…a lot of people surely do.

    But Rush does control the ugly parts of the Republican base…for better or for worse.

    I think portraying rush as the leader of the Republican Party will most likely help the Progressives, but I think it is a message that bares monitoring. There is a slight potential of blow-back.

  15. maha,
    You, and we, should feel honored. The “freeper’s” found us in our sanctuary.
    doesntmatter = doesntthink. Too bad it’s not doesntbother…

  16. felicity, I couldn’t help but think when rush was pounding his fist to his chest and in the air that any minute he would be doing the hitler sign. It also made me wonder if he was on drugs again.

  17. Wow if you intend on keeping friendships with your slightly conservative and “god” fearing friends I suggest you refrain from the following:

    1. Keeping track of exactly when the American capitalist system started to crash.
    2. Keeping track of which party started pissing away all our money first.
    2. Listening to Rush, pointing out that really fat hypocrisy will only cause divisions.
    3. Do not. I repeat do not ask for Religulous on netflicks
    4. If you happen to end up with religulous don’t watch it.
    5. And if you happen to watch religulous don’t talk about it.

  18. I wish Jack Nicholson would rush out with a movie on Limbaugh. He can play a character flipping his lid better than anyone!

  19. I keep waiting for it to dawn on Rush’s advertisers that they have thrown in their lot with a man who wants the U.S.. under Obama’s leadership, “to fail”–which, by extension, means they want the American people to fail, seeing’s all our eggs are in that recovery basket. (Aside from more tax cuts and increased military spending, what solutions–and I use the term loosely–have the Republicans offered?) It’s Rush’s sponsors who have handed him the microphone; they are the ones ulitmately responsible for what comes out of his mouth. That they continue to support him can only be interpreted to mean they agree with him.

  20. OK, maha, I ‘checked’ it out. The poster’s main problem is bad timing – in his/her case should have paid attention to the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding” (or something like that.) At least 8 years of conservative/republican policies and the economy, to cite one, is in the tank? – hardly supports the superiority of conservative free-market economics.

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