Distracshun! O noez!!

Regarding the title: I’m still channeling the Ceiling Cat.

Anyway, the new talking point from the GOP on Rush Limbaugh is that the focus on Rush Limbaugh is just a distraction manufactured by Dems to divert attention away from the budget.

I’m trying to remember the last time Republicans did anything but distract. Nothing is coming to mind.

14 thoughts on “Distracshun! O noez!!

  1. They have to walk a tightrope where they both deny he is important AND also don’t say anything to offend him.

    It wont work. When 3 important people kiss your ring within a year, the people understand that you must be very important.

  2. So… the talking point that focusing on Limbaugh is a distraction from fixing the economy, is itself a distraction from the focus on Limbaugh hoping that the president fails at fixing the economy. Which itself was something of a distraction from the fact that the Repubs have no real plan of their own to fix the economy.

    Hookay – I think I have it clear in my head right now. Until the next distraction comes along.

  3. They can’t run away from Rush – his gravitational pull is too strong!

    BWAH!! I just inhaled my beverage. (O noez!)

  4. Just to be clear, since Righties have all failed “One of these things is not like the other” in preschool:

    When people talk about the Obama girls’ new swingset, that’s a distraction. When people talk about the leader of the Republican National Committee sucking up to a criminal, hatemongering idiot, that helps explain why our nation is so effed up. Therefore, the subject is relevant to the important problems of the day.

    I’ll also point out that Righties indulge in rabid, frothing anger over their distractions; we, on the other hand, are just laughing at Rush. We realize that Rush, himself, isn’t relevant to anything. The GOP needs to figure that out. Until they do, they’re the “distraction.” And that’s the rest of the story. Good day.

  5. The GOP has only one option to free themselves of the strangle hold he has over the party. Run him as their candidate in 2102. Yes, I am serious!. Can you imagine Jabba the Hut doing interviews, press conferences, primary debates (with the other candidates running hateful, bitter clips from his radio shows) Hopefully, Rush would survive the primary to net fewer popular & electoral votes than ANY candidate of ANY major party in all US history. Then the fat toad will rank in influence & popularity with W himself, freeing the GOP to develop a meaningful platform. You heard it here first: RUSH in 2012!

  6. I can’t think of a faster way to deflate el Rushbo than to run him in 2012. The moment Rush has to deal with real interactions from real people, is the moment people will realize there’s nothing there but an ignorant, belligerant, fat slob. And I think he knows this – why risk a cushy $xxx million dollar contract where you don’t have to interact with anybody you don’t like, to go out and hustle votes. Excrement In Broadcasting, indeed.

  7. moonbat,
    “Excrement In Broadcasting.”
    I like!!!

    I gonna steal, er, liberate if from you, if you don’t mind…

  8. We realize that Rush, himself, isn’t relevant to anything.

    Au contraire! I guess you’re not familiar with hot air ballooning.

  9. …well, if this is some sort of dastardly Democratic plot, then it appears to be founded on the premise that Republicans are exceedingly easily distracted, as in “oh, look, a chicken” easily distracted. It’s the Republicans who are engaged in the “Is so!/Is not!” debate about the subject and it’s their own actions and hand-wringing and simpering toward Boss Limbaugh that is keeping the SCLM and cable talking heads carrying on about it. To call this a manufactured distraction, given how easily they fell into this distraction, is more of a self-inflicted insult to the party than Boehner apparently has the capacity to understand…

  10. I don’t know of a single NFL team coached by a man who has never played the game of football. But the GOP is being ‘coached’ by an uneducated loudmouth with no political skills, who has never run for office, let alone won.

    Example: Yesterday Rush challenged Obama to a ‘debate’ on his show, and went on to describe Obama as ‘effeminate’ and like ‘a mother rat protecting her young’. This is political stupidity for anyone who’s a political player. Example: Dems let Lieiberman off the hook, despite his treachery, and he DID vote for the stimulus bill. No accident there; the Democrats do NOT have a supermajority, so it would have been poor politics to make Joe a personal enemy. For a pro, it’s politics, not personal – always. But for Rush, it’s always VERY personal, and he’s running the GOP. Proof of power: Steele kissed Rush’s ring (or ass) and made up after pointing out that Rush is just an entertainer. There’s no doubt who’s in charge.

    Frankly, I am amazed. There is not a single member of the GOP in the House or Senate willing to declare, ‘The Emperor has No Clothes.” On the surface, this bodes well for the Democrats, but I sincerely believe that Democrats are their own worst enemy – and are at risk of self-destructing w/out a respectable opposition to keep them honest & on track. It’s a bad omen for all that the GOP is comprised totally of geldings.

  11. Rush is the living incarnation of Eric Cartman, a pustule on the posterior of a nekid mole rat.
    If the Republicans “run” him in 2012, I hope he runs naked (with Sara ‘cuda) If that don’t make Joan R blow pop out of her nose, I don’t know what will….

  12. erinyes,
    It makes me want to pop some stuff UP my nose so that I won’t have to even think about it!
    Jesus, the very thought of Rush naked! Why that’s a diet plan all of its own… Or, a prayer for the ‘gift’ of blindness!

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