4 thoughts on “No Brainers

  1. I can’t bring myself to go anywhere near Michelle Malkin’s insanity, on Easter Sunday or any other day, but Steve M’s short post is a hoot. So thanks for that!

    Wishing a long, healthy life to the new First Canine. And, failing that, may he produce an SNL sketch as hilarious as Darrell Hammond’s “Bill Clinton eulogizes his dog, Buddy.”

    And that’s all I have to say on this oh-so-important subject. 😀

  2. Ya gotta give Michelle credit. To include EVERY SINGLE idiot talking point in a few paragraph’s takes some skill – and a photo of Obama bowing (but not kissing on the lip’s, or holding hand’s, like Bush. I guess Obama didn’t even get to first base with the King. Bush? – Third? Home? Who knows, the camera’s were off at that point). And, to insult a puppy (a f’in puppy, for Christ’s sake), is the cherry on top of that shit-pile.
    I wouldn’t call it ‘writing’ skill. Maybe it’s the same skill a 3 year-old uses to blend “play-do” into some multi-hued mass vaguely akin to modern art. NOT!!!
    That Malkin gets paid for what she does gives hope to the people who clean the bathrooms on the NJ State Turnpike. They have no less talent than she does – and probably a better handle on the English language. So, they should hold out hope that someone less stupid than the person who hired Michelle may yet find their genious while they are scrubbing. At least they know, unlike Michelle, not to ‘teabag’ the urinal mint’s….

  3. OMG! MM didn’t write that story. Some substitute “writer’ did.
    I should have known. The hateful screed was written better than anything MM could even hope to attempt. Not that I’d know. I’d rather frappe my eye’s in a blender than read anything on ‘its’ site. And I’d rather stick my privates in the same blender than look at a picture of ‘it’ ‘cheerleading again…

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