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  1. I only have two words to describe those wingnut teabaggers. Cognitive. Dissonance.

    Holy Crap. Couldn’t either of those guys have actually said something that wasn’t created out of sound bites and talking points? That one guy couldn’t even define fascism. I guess yelling loudly passes for reasoned discourse at these little shindigs.

    I really felt sorry for the reporter. She must have drawn the short straw.

    She deserves a medal or combat pay.

  2. The guy who kept yammering about Abraham Lincoln reminded me so much of how certain wingnuts think – along narrow little tracks. And the guy who couldn’t define fascism – I suspect he wasn’t in the advanced class at school.

    The young reporter who so easily lost her cool because someone smeared Obama, and who abandoned reporting to participate in a fight – well I hope she learned something today. I hope she still has a job. She clearly didn’t know how to talk with these people. She reminded me of how I acted about ten years ago.

    And the lady back at the studio, trying to make happy face. CNN is in its own dim witted time warp.

  3. Time will tell.

    If, on April 15, 2010, the “tea parties” are so small that not even the short-straw reporter has to cover any; and on April 15, 2011, the phrase “tea party” has slipped from memory… the forces of intelligence, reason and competence will have prevailed.

  4. I suspect he wasn’t in the advanced class at school.

    That all depends on what school he attended… He might be a graduate of Regent University. The important thing isn’t what is, or is not fascism..it’s that we understand we are a Christian Nation. That’s the only academic foundation we need!

  5. A commenter over on wonkette.com finally just came out and said it:

    I just can’t… shake the feeling that what these people are REALLY protesting is the fact that a black man is running their country.

    I think that’s become pretty obvious, by the end of the day.

  6. maha,
    If she had asked for a definition on fascism, the response would be, “Obama!”
    ‘Obama is a fascist.’
    ‘Describe fascism.’
    ‘Describe Obama.’

    I think of this as an example of hillbilly syllogism. It’s a conclusion without any premises – major or minor.

  7. Hopefully, the lying, corrupt, douche bag Obama learns something from these tea parties. People of all political affiliations are telling Obama that we are tired of his lies. He lied to us on the campaign trail, and he is lying to us now. GET OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE, you stinking piece of SH*T. Compared to Obama, Bush is the most honest man in the world.

  8. I think Rachel Maddow or a guest mentioned tonight that all these anti-tax protests took place in National Parks, which–we all know–exist solely because of taxes. But, I suppose such irony is wasted on the tea-baggers.

  9. Fascist? I thought he was a Socialist!
    Well, what ever he is, he’s an upitty nigra, a damn non birth certificate owning Muslim from Kenya who wants to take away our guns, increase our taxes, and turn us socialist!

    God, these people remind me of “Tweak” on South Park.

    No wonder our local pharmacies keep the Prilosec locked up behind the counter…
    I’m getting ready for the truffle farm in that special place far, far away.

  10. GET OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE, you stinking piece of SH*T. Compared to Obama, Bush is the most honest man in the world.

    Motivated by racism? I rest my case.

  11. OK, I need help. I can’t make the connection about the American tax payers being the Jews for Obama’s ovens. I get the thing about the Jews and the ovens, but what is Obama’s ovens? Can somebody explain it to me?

  12. [W] is Obama’s ovens? Can somebody explain it to me?

    Swami, this is the “Obama = Hitler” idiocy. It puzzled you because you think with a rational mind.

    Besides, the poor iceholes can’t decide if Obama is a fascist or a socialist. A tough call, I know– esp when you consider that Obama has exhibited neither the characteristics of a fascist or a socialist. What they really want to say is the N-word. Instead, they must substitute various acceptable epithets at random, to avoid frightening off the teevee cameras. And oh, how they love the teevee cameras.

  13. taxes=genocide?


    You know, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little shrill a time or two over the past eight years. But even in a fit of drunken hysterics, this analogy simply never would have occurred to me.

    This guy really has no sense of shame, does he? I’ll bet the crew down at Kinko’s is still laughing at him.

  14. I think this really does show that Jonah Goldberg is the new intellectual patriarch of the conservative movement. He wrote “the white male is the Jew of liberal fascism” in that goofy book of his that told us that socialism and fascism are the same thing.

    Whether he inspired these doofi or was just echoing common right-wing nonsense, I don’t know, but he makes a fine flatulent examplar for that set of “ideas”.

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