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Patterico wants all bloggers to embed this video. So I watched it, and said yeah, sure.

You’ll recognize reporter Susan Roesgen of CNN from an earlier post. Roesgen’s work as shown on the earlier video was clumsy. She was over her head, I think, and obviously got rattled. I felt a lot more sympathy for her in the video above.

The thing is, righties are linking to this video as if it vindicates them somehow. I think it makes them look worse. Don’t stop the vid until you see the guy delivering the speech about how Hitler was a socialist. Classic.

Roesgen is getting the Dan Rather treatment now, btw. The righties are digging for everything they can find on her so they can smear her.

Update: Glenn Reynolds is bragging about how genteel, polite, and multi-racial the “tea parties” were. Yes, and I’m Prince Charles.

Update: See also No More Mr. Nice Blog.

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  1. That very angry rude woman mentioned that we are tired of the government spending our money on things we don’t want them to. My response is I agree, the war in Iraq was the biggest waste of taxpayer money in my lifetime! Bet she wouldn’t have agreed with that. Paying CIA torturers’ paychecks would be something I don’t want my tax dollars spent on. When American citizens complained about war and DOD spending in the 60s and 70s, we were always told that we cannot pick and choose what our tax dollars go to.

    All these anti-tax people should not be allowed to use anything that taxes have paid for; e.g, the U.S. Highway system, the post office, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. Find out where she lives; and, if there is a natural disaster in her area, let her get along best she can without Federal assistance. Also, if these anti-tax people are really serious, they should be taking on the state and local taxes; not just Federal. If they did, then I might take them seriously. Right now, I think they are a joke; and, most of these activities are thinly disguised racism.

  2. It looks like collapse to me, social, political, educational, historical, governmental, legal, economic and military. The divisions becoming evident rank up there with the divisions over the issue of slavery. The only difference is now there is no economic promise for the future. Although the phrase has a specific meaning – end of a century – “Fin de siècle” also paints – end of an era, a cycle; nightfall for America.

  3. Most of those I know who are opposed to Obama and the current financial mess/political climate are retired, and have the benefits of Medicare, socila security, and the V.A., yet they rail against “socialism”.

    FOX has created a climate of fear, and sadly, FOX is widely viewed as a main stream authority by many Americans.

    What would make these people happy? Sarah Palin as president.
    Thery’re pissed that their girl didn’t win, and then there is the few I pass on the highway who still sport their Bush/Cheney ’04 bumper stickers.
    Liberal to these folks is a cuss word, best said with a sneer.

  4. The suburban housewife’s anger over 1) unbelievable amounts of money being spent with little accountability (“our children and our grandchildren will be paying for this”), and 2) both the Rs and the Ds are responsible for it – is a position I also share. This is far more mainstream than simply the Fox News “Hate Obama” campaign, which is the most visible part of these tea parties. However, where was she when Bush ran the government into the ground, racking up mountains of debt over stupid and immoral wars, with endless “something for nothing” tax cuts for those who didn’t need them?

    This woman is on track however, because Obama is running up even larger debts than Bush – I have seen charts of this that I wish I could link to/show you. It’s unfortunate that her very real concerns are lumped in with the circus of far right loonies, and it’s unfortunate that we’re stuck with the limitatations of sound bite news a la CNN and the not too experienced Susan R.

  5. moonbat: There are crucial differences between the two. This is not my area but my understanding is that if Obama’s stated policies are implemented and work, they will by their own merit reduce large chunks of the deficit that’s been forced on the current govt. It’s not the large-scale looting by connected Republicans and egregiously wrong decision-making by Bush. It’s a concerted effort to right a ship that is badly in need of it.

    Bush never submitted a properly itemized budget. He would leave things like the Iraq war costs to “supplementals” so you look at the numbers and you say “OMG! That Obama is a spending fool!” but actually there seems to be a real effort being made to show true budget numbers for the first time in ages.

    And finally, the “out of control” spending is direly necessary to pump money into our economy. I’m sure there will be waste — humans being what they are — but I doubt it will be as brazen as what we’ve just endured from the rapacious Republicans. It’d be nice to get the deficit under control. But it would be the wrong emphasis at the moment when so much of our economy (domestic and global) is hanging in the balance. That’s what I mean by “forced” spending. & don’t forget that whole TARP thing began under Bush, remember.

    (ftr, I’m not a fan of Obama. I think he’s too moderate — decidedly weak tea, if you will, who ran a superb campaign promising a brand of change he has no intention of delivering. I do not agree with most of the decisions his economic team has made either. All that being said, he was clearly the better candidate of the two, but he’s no FDR. And I rather think we need an FDR, only there’s none to be had any longer, after what’s happened in politics the last 40 years or so. And that’s a crying shame.)

  6. So much for “support the troops” — since about half of our federal tax dollars goes to paying for soldiers, weaponry, oh, and “enhanced interrogation techniques” and our little gulag in the Caribbean.

    I guess these Palinites are not so “patriotic” after all.

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