On the Right: Spittle and Spite

I’ve been watching Tom Tancredo on The Ed Show claiming that SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. This claim is made based on this quote from Judge Sotomayor: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” (Thanks Jill Filipovic.)

Tancredo doesn’t get the quote right, of course. In his rendering of it, she just says that Latina women make better judges than white men. And he sat on the Ed Show television panel, bouncing and spitting in outrage, and screaming racist, racist, racist. I think that’s pretty much the plan.

The conventional wisdom seems to be forming that Sotomayor will be confirmed fairly easily. The right-wing interest groups will be screaming and spitting about her for the next several days, but the GOP itself (the CW says) doesn’t want to take her on for fear of further alienating Latino voters. They’re going to complain and call her a leftist, but they know her record is more moderate than some others President Obama might have nominated — or might yet nominate, if the Sotomayor nomination fails.

6 thoughts on “On the Right: Spittle and Spite

  1. Has “helmet head” weighted in yet? We don’t want no activist judges..Do we?

  2. Tom Tancredo is a semi-dormant volcano of self-loathing. There are pills one can take for that, you know, so I guess it’s his choice.

    Swami’s reference to “helmet head” reminded me of something I need to say to my state’s dangerous Blue Dog Dem:


  3. People like Tom Tancredo, Rush, Savage, etc., are examples of why I don’t believe in God.
    Young children and young adults around the world die every second from malaria, hunger, thirst, cancer, heat, cold, neglect and a million other reasons. Yet, these clowns continue to waste the precious O2 (oxygen) that’s left on our planet while they rail against the shadows of shadows projected in their caves. And make millions of dollars doing it.
    But even in a Godless world a person can have a soul. And people like this have none. It is of their own choosing.
    I wish I believed in a God, because then I could believe in a Hell where soul-less cretins like this could spend eternity in torment.
    The best I can hope for is a living Hell for them – an America growing more and more Liberal and Progressive. Leaving them to howl at the changes as their audiences wane…

  4. I saw the Tancredo rant and was quite literally shocked. The racist meme will be their approach, not realizing that as old white guys, calling an accomplished Hispanic woman a racist is just not in the cards for a majority of Americans. Can someone please get these people a strategist to make the next few years at least a fair fight? I also liked the “she’s not very smart” meme, which they only bring out when it’s a minority or a woman. If O had nominated a white guy, they would never have said it. Where did Rove go to college? Not Princeton and he didn’t finish first in his class.

  5. Tancredo looked really off his game on The Ed Show. He was stumbling over his comebacks a lot. Also sounded even more junior highish than usual.

  6. Karl Rove dropped out of college before he graduated. I believe Rush Limbaugh and Hannity also did not finish school.

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