So-So and the Oxy-boy

This story has been public for several days, but somehow it got by me until Michael Tomasky pointed it out

Some years ago a New York City cop named Thomas Pappas was circulating racist literature from his home. The NYPD found out about it and fired him. The case worked its way up to the federal appeals court, which upheld the NYPD’s right to fire Pappas.

But guess who dissented? Yep. Judge Sotomayor held that the firing violated Pappas’ free speech rights.

Tomasky cited SCOTUSblog.

Tomasky also referred to Rush Limbaugh as “Fatface Oxy-boy.” Sounds like a winner.

The “So-So” is from the genuinely depraved Debbie Shlussel, via DougJ at Balloon Juice and Wonkette. Don’t worry; I’m not linking directly to Schlussel. Wonkette quotes Shlussel —

“I can’t help but notice that the sole reason So-So (my very appropriate name for Sonia Sotomayor) was chosen as Barack Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court is that she shares the life story of J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez.”

J-Lo graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and then from Yale Law? Who knew? Seriously, I think the nickname “So-So” is kinda cute. I’d hate to think what nickname we’d have to give Shlussel, however. I don’t think it would be G-rated. Perhaps it would be better not to go there.

There are several reports today that conservatives are demanding a Senate filibuster of the Sotomayor nomination. One of these is Mark Levin, a radio talk-show host who once said that a filibuster against a judicial nomination was unconstitutional. Of course, in that case the nominee was Sam Alito.

The leader of the “get tough” movement is Manuel Miranda, and if that name sounds familiar, Greg Sargent explains why.

There’s a decent editorial in the Washington Post today about how absurd the Right’s arguments against Sotomayor actually are. Sotomayor’s resume is remarkably similar to that of Sam Alito — Princeton, Yale Law, years on the bench, etc. But weirdly, some on the Right are calling Sotomayor “the Left’s Harriet Miers.” About the only things Miers and Sotomayor have in common is that they’re both women with law degrees.

9 thoughts on “So-So and the Oxy-boy

  1. The Conservative mantra:
    NEVER EVER let facts get in the way of a good fund drive!

    They need something besides O’Reilly’s big ego, Sean’s big mouth, and Rush’s fat ass to fire up the base. She’s the only target available, since whatever they throw at President Obama (I still get a thrill out of writing that, despite some differences) seeems not to stick to him but rebounds back to them.

    As for Shlussel, who the Hell reads her? Those that would want to, unfortunately can’t.

  2. Looks like the idiot right is throwing all kinds of things at Sotomayor, trying in vain to make something stick. Conversely, I sense that elected Republicans figure it’s a done deal – she’s going to be confirmed.

    I do like “Oxy-boy” – it fits.

  3. “About the only things Miers and Sotomayor have in common is that they’re both women with law degrees.”

    I think that’s the point the wing-nuts are trying to make. Having a woman in charge is something they can’t seem to accept, sort of like having a black man in charge, it is just untenable for most of them. Oh well get use to it assholes, frankly I can’t wait for the day that I become a minority (white male), it will be fun to see the change of heart and the full on hypocrisy that I’m sure will be displayed. As for a nickname for Shlussel, well I’m afraid mine would get me twit filtered so I’ll just keep it to myself. Suffice to say it is both politically and gender offensive!

  4. “D-Shlu” was the least rude nickname the Wonketteers came up with. Works best when pronounced “Duh, Shluh!”

    But yes, D-Shlu is a craven nonentity, and should be disregarded as such.

  5. Shlussel claims that neither J-Lo nor So So has achieved legal greatness? Well. what about Clarence Thomas…He couldn’t even figure out who put the pubic hair in his coca-cola.

  6. It sounds to me like the right will be trying to block or dely her. It’s always the same. No No No or do whatever you can to hold things up. I guess it’s the only power they have. I haven’t heard them say one person they think would be better.

  7. Swami, I thought he put it in his own drink and tried to suggest it was a female. Doesn’t it make you wonder what standards the repugs have?

  8. Clarence Thomas is going to stand for the ages as the example of a purely race-oriented appointment. The Right has a very short memory, but I don’t. I vividly remember getting up on a Saturday morning, turning on the TV, and watching Orrin Hatch lead Thomas through his revolting performance of feigned outrage. Thomas was scared to death– I remember his foot tapping nervously under the witness table through the whole thing.

    I have never forgiven Hatch, Thomas or Alan Simpson for what wasn’t in any way a “high-tech lynching.” It was a high-tech frat-house gang rape. If the Right pulls that crap on Judge Sotomayor, they’ll pay for it this time.

  9. Well….Schlussel in German means ‘key’ – the unlocking a door type key. That I will never forget as I had locked myself out of my apartment while stationed in Germany and my hausmeister (landlord) wouldn’t let me in until I gave him the German word.

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