1 thought on “Poisoned

  1. maha,
    You’re right. After moving back to upstate NY after 9 years in NC, I can tell you that your options as far as opinion are limited in many parts of the South and other parts of the US.
    AM and FM radio all spout Rush, Sean, Savage, etc. As you work your way up and down the dial, you get the same shows varying only in when their start time was. NPR? Good luck finding it. Liberal’s on the radio? HA!!! You’ve got a better chance at winning Megalotto than finding one. Maybe late at night from a large city’s AM station. If the wind is blowing right (make that left)…
    Newpapers and their Opinion and Op-Ed’s? Krauthammer, Malkin, Coulter, etc.
    TV? FOX is part of the basic, MSNBC and CNN are frequently part of a pay tier.

    The constant barrage of rage in the media leaves these people feeling disenfranchised, at best, and violently outraged, at worst. And of course, the rage is ALL directed at the Liberals and Democrat’s.
    I’m over 6 foot, with a goatee and shaved head, so I looked like “one of them” down there, whatever that means. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, “YOU’RE A DEMOCTRAT?!?,” when I spoke out.

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