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  1. The frog boiling metaphor is overused, and in fact if you try this experiment, the frog will not stay in the water when it becomes uncomfortably hot.

  2. Well, the conservative Archaeobatrachia Americanus won’t get out of the boiling water.They’re too stupid.

  3. Another vat we are boiling in is profit driven financing of health care. We started with the warm pot of non profit employer bases financing, let it morph into profit making then profit driven, then profit driven on steroids. Still some think the cool calm waters of government financed health care is hellish. Can’t we learn a little watching those cool frogs on lily pads in Europe. Jump baby jump.

  4. I had dinner last night with my brother and his wife who are visiting Disney World. They are nice people – smart, educated, professional; they met when they were campaigning for McGovern. Now they are Republicans and my brother pointed out that he doesn’t bother with news or blogs because everyone has & promotes their own biased point of view. So he’s conservative by choice, uninformed as an act of will. He’s a frog swimming happily in the water.

  5. I am going OT, but I am irritated by the response by some Republicans on Capitol Hill who are defending Cheney for ordering the CIA to withhold information from the ‘Gang of 8’. I dearly wish Obama would comment that the Republicans are free to establish that it’s the policy of the Republican Party that the Office of the President is authorized to wihthhold information at his discretion, but if in 6 years, the Republicans return to power in the Senate &/or House, they will not object if, in hypothetical 2nd term, Obama shuts the Congress out of anything he doesn’t want them to know…

    Bottom Line message from Obama to Republicans – Decide what the rules are, because I will play by one set of rules.. (And then ask again how they like tricky dick.)

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