Exclusive: The Memo Dick Cheney Wants You to See

Through my network of contacts in the CIA, I have obtained one of the two CIA documents that former Vice President Dick Cheney says coroborate his longstanding arguments that torture was an effective interrogation and counterterrorism tool.

Well, OK, it’s not exactly the same document. But it’s about the same thing.

Glenn Greenwald has a serious commentary on the CIA documents released today. A federal prosecutor has been named.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Memo Dick Cheney Wants You to See

  1. Well yes of course it’s obvious: Dick has been right all along.

    Maha I trust you will finally acknowlege how wrong you have been! “Leather Bustier” need there be any other evidence?

  2. Are you sure the memo is really about Al-Qaida? From what little information is available in the document it could possibly be in reference to the GOP leadership. For some strange reason that’s almost psychic , Rudy Giuliani emanates through the blacked out parts of the document. Naw, can’t be.

  3. It’s really disturbing to read Glenn Greenwald’s commentary. It knots my stomach to think that so many Americans can be indifferent to the atrocity committed by the Bush administration. I’m sicken to think that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Woo, and dozens of others are going to walk away with impunity for such a gross violation of human rights. It’s an offense against god no matter how god is conceived, and it’s a vile contrast to everything I value and hold dear about being an American.

    These repugnant assholes who run at the mouth about their love of America, and undying patriotism, yet are oblivious to what love of country or patriotism should be. If you love something I would assume you’d care it, cherish it, and want the best for it. Not drag it down and debauch it like Bush and his pack of immoral jackals have done to America. They are just scum!

    Well, so much for my rant… But the truth is, it’s truly a shame what Bush and his entourage of sickos have done to our country.

  4. They failed to mention that it was Cheney himself who donned the leather bustier while riding about on Alberto Gonzalez on all fours while hollering giddyup as Bush looked on in approval.

  5. Pat Pattillo – nailed it.

    If this turns into a sham investigation, where only underlings are prosecuted for going beyond “approved” methods of torture, I’m going to be really pissed. We need to focus on the high-level beasts who approved torture in the first place.

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  6. Nuremberg rules. Those who sat back and gave the orders are ultimately responsible and unable to hid behind many layers of plausibly deniable orders, 3rd party prrovers or assenters like IGs or the wheels of government.

    My personal suspicion is that since Cheney had demonstrated himself the consumate micromanager, applying oil to the wheels of government machinery at precisely the places needed to advance his sick agenda, we’ll find him orchestrating the entire thing if only someone digs deep enough.

    In his wildest dreams he had absolute certainty that his trail was hidden while in office and that he had Americans cowed into fear that connecting the dots would be met with a whining, accusatory litany claiming vengeful use of government…which will no doubt happen. He relied on the inherent softness of those who want civility in government.

    That was Cheney’s gamble, that he had the balls to do what they did and other lesser men were not cut from the same cloth and have what it takes to put 2 + 2 together once they weere in a position to do so.

    Personally I think he will lose his bet and that he mistook many of the slow-to-anger, methodical, and doggedly persistent types as being softees when they are nothing of the sorts.

    So in the end it will be his hubris that does him in. Maybe he should have read more Greek mythology…maybe Daedalus and Icarus.

    One thing’s for certain and it’s that we’ll all see.

    On another note — now Sibel Edmonds is suggesting that the Bush administration sold nuclear secrets to our enemies and Henry Waxman has backed off the investigation of these claims. Maybe this too will play out, one way or another. It could hardly be ignored.

  7. Sorry for butchering that…late for work. I should have proofed it. Paragraph 1:

    hid should be hide
    prrovers should be approvers

    Paragraph 4:

    and have what should be and did not have what

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