The Yelling Part

Those of you who missed the speech, here’s the part where Rep. Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina disrupted the speech. Watch Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. I’m frankly not that suprised–unfortunately. This is an administration that has shown itself willing to be walked over repeatedly. I’m afraid the only way you can gain the respect of bullies is by standing up to them, and Obama’s team has yet to demonstrate that since taking the White House.

  2. Any wonder why the teabaggers are so god dam rude? This asshole is one of their leaders. Who in the hell thinks it is OK to call the president a liar during a joint session of congress?

  3. As someone else put it, who is the Democrat running against this guy, and where can I contribute to him/her?

  4. I can’t believe he offered a real apology:

    “This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the president’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill,” Wilson said.

    “While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

    Rep. Joe Wilson

  5. Once again, Daily Kos to the rescue:

    There’s something we can do to let Joe Wilson know what we think of his childish approach to a serious problem — we can help out Rob Miller. Rob is an Iraq War vet — a Marine who came back to South Carolina to try and restore dignity to South Carolina’s Second CD, where Joe Wilson was selling out the district by voting for unfair trade deals and corporate giveaways. Despite being a relative unknown, being outspent by a substantial margin, and a general Republican lean to the district, Rob came within just 8 points of knocking Wilson off in 2008. And we’re lucky to have him running again.

    Rob’s a fair trade Democrat who supports the Employee Free Choice Act. He’s a breath of fresh air for a state that desperately needs new leadership. And we can help him tonight, as the nation sees what an immature loser his opponent is. Let’s chip in to help Rob — with early financial support, and with the notoriety Wilson has brought on himself, we’ve got a chance to help send Joe Wilson packing — and to bring maturity and decency to South Carolina politics.

    I tossed a few bucks toward Rob Miller, in the hopes that the GOP will take notice.

  6. Wilson knows perfectly well that his apology will be lost almost at once, while he can coast along to greater popularity with wingnuts everywhere on the strength of having been the one clown to ever yell “Lies!” to a president during a speech given to Congress. I’ll bet he knows the visual will be a YouTube hit, and he’s counting on it.

  7. I seriously thought Pelosi was going to get up, march over to him, and throw him out of the chamber. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that pissed before.

  8. Pelosi , as Speaker of the House, should issue Joe Wilson a letter of reprimand and have it entered into the Congressional Record . And let Wilson make a fuss to challenge her authority or her legality to do so. Amplify Wilson’s bad conduct and stupidity by putting him in a pinch play.

    Wilson has every right to call President Obama a liar, but he stepped out of bounds in his choice of time and place to exercise that right. But on the other hand, I’m not familiar with Southern protocol in addressing black Presidents …It might be common place in South Carolina.

  9. Wilson’s antics remind me of that South Park episode when all the kids planed to moon the new teacher, and of course none but Eric Cartman did.
    You’re a big man, er…., something,Joe
    Joe Wilson (F) S. Carolina, Turd Blossome award of the month!

  10. I looked around to see how the right would respond to Wilson’s outburst since they always have to say something. The best they could come up with were references to sections and page numbers in H.R. 3200 saying that:

    – because the bill did not say how the prohibition on illegal alien benefits would be enforced that this meant it would be allowed
    – that one section (143 or 146…can’t recall) claimed that if a family member was legal then all illegal aliens in the family would receive benefits. I looked it up and found no such thing, which makes that a lie.

    So Wilson cast this, not as a matter that can factually verified, but rather a regrettable though excusable case of frat-boy over-exuberance…a simple disagreement.

    So it will be interesting to seel how much of the lazy media will apply a simple litmus test and value of truth. I’m betting that a few will and there is now precedent with the recent unanimous media recognition of the school speech hyteria as “silly”. Still, I expect most in media not to crack open the bill, not to call Wilson’s rude contention and issue of fact and to effectively provide him cover…intentionally or not.

    I did throw some money at his opponent and would love to see the total reach one million. Believe me, conservatives will take notice and begin to fear that they’ll be next. There’s nothing they like more than staying in power.

    Did anyone notice how the Republicans sunk lower in their seats as Obama called them on the death panel and other lies? The looked like guilty dogs who had been caught doing something wrong. Will they settle down a little bit or come back even nuttier than before?

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