Is Dan Riehl a Serial Rapist?

Before any more people start going bonkers that I’m accusing Dan Riehl of anything, take a breath. I’m just saying one doesn’t rule anything in or out without some firm answers. After all, Riehl is a man, and most serial rapists are men. All I’m doing is looking at any and all possibilities.

I know nothing about Riehl except what’s in his bio. But who knows if Riehl is telling the truth in his bio? If he’s a serial rapist, wouldn’t he be lying? I’m just saying you can’t leave out any possibilities.

Riehl looks at the apparent murder of Bill Sparkman, who was found hanging in a Kentucky cemetery with the word “fed” written on his chest and his census worker’s tag duct taped to his neck. And the first thing that pops into Riehl’s mind is that the murder has something to do with sex, and that Sparkman might have been a child predator. That tells you something. I don’t know what, but something.

One might speculate that Riehl was involved in Sparkman’s murder and is trying to throw off investigators with the sex angle. I have no evidence that connects Riehl to the murder, but it’s important not to rule anything out.

I suppose there’s even a possibility that Riehl is a disguised bug creature from another galaxy, and the Sparkman homicide was part of the initial assault to take over Earth. Having read Riehl’s blog, this would explain a lot. I have no evidence that Riehl is a bug creature, of course, so don’t go bonkers. I’m just saying you can’t rule anything out.

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  1. Riehl is despicable. I’ve been reading responses to his “story” all morning at different blogs. Apparently now he’s twittered that it was meant as Lib bait, as in, “gee, can’t you Libs take a joke?” Sure, it’s absolutely hilarious that he attacked and slandered a murder victim whom he had never met, just to humiliate him. I mean, that’s some funny stuff!

    I’ve read some horrible things in my life, but this is remarkable in its vileness.

  2. I have heard it said that Dan Riehl raped and killed a series of young boys and buried them in his yard. As he has not come out and denied this accusation, it must be true.

  3. Dan Riehl was at the supermarket when I was buying a can of bug spray, and when he saw me take the can down off the shelf, he scurried away into a dark corner.

    Just sayin.

  4. What’s even more disturbing is that I haven’t found any evidence at all to indicate that Riehl isn’t a serial rapist. What’s more, I seriously doubt that I would find any if I actually looked.

    • What’s even more disturbing is that I haven’t found any evidence at all to indicate that Riehl isn’t a serial rapist.

      Well, there you go. We shouldn’t rule out any possibilities.

  5. Why strip someone down to their socks only to kill them?

    How did the perv know that the victim was stripped before being killed? I wouldn’t be so quick as to label Riehl as a serial rapist (although that possibility does exist) but, his admitted fixation with crimes of a sexual nature tend to highlight some undefined sexual tension or deviancy. He’s somebody who at least should have an eye kept on him. My experience in life is that it’s the people who are eager to point out the other man’s guilt because they are doing it to deflect their own.

  6. Dan Riehl: a conservative uber-douchebag, wrapped in a borderline sociopath, inside a shape-shifting insecticidal rapist… Like you said, we can’t rule anything out.

  7. What you have not considered is that it would be a step up for Riehl to have a reputation as a serial rapist, especially among his readers. “Whoo-hoo, Dan gettin’ some!” would be about their speed.

  8. Riehl certainly gives dirtbag an even worse meaning. Must be the family values his parents taught him.

  9. Obviously those right-wing assholes are trying to distract attention from the very likely possibility that Bill Sparkman was murdered by teabaggers.

  10. Good God, but Dan Riehl is despicable! And to hide behind the “just asking questions” bullshit . . .

    But while we’re asking questions, does anyone know if Dan Riehl had anything to do with Glenn Beck raping and murdering a girl in 1990? I mean, I’ve never heard him deny it, so . . .

  11. [T]he very likely possibility that Bill Sparkman was murdered by teabaggers.

    At first I was leaning toward meth makers (the meth lab being the 21st Century equivalent of the Kentucky still, to be protected at all costs from those dadgummed revenooers/DEA folk). I wondered if the whole “Fed” thing was a red herring by planted at the scene by the killers.

    Then I reasoned that meth makers are invariably also meth users, and the idea of a red herring– let alone the cumulative details of the murder itself– exhibits far too much organized thinking for tweakers. I suppose in one of their up-for-seven-days-straight hallucinations, they could have mistaken a census worker for law enforcement, but then after killing him they’d have to remove his clothes (oh gawd a zipper!), need to find a black marker pen, figure out how to spell “FED,” not mistake his ID badge for a rattlesnake, figure out how to work the duct tape, etc. I’ve seen beagles work together more logically to steal cookies from their humans’ kitchen.

    The best way for the rage & hate instigators to deny that this was a political assassination (and, to an extent, their fault) is to impugn the victim’s character. Which is a real shame for the friends and family of Mr. Sparkman.

  12. Oops; what I meant to say was: now we can honestly say: “Some people have stated that Dan Riehl might be a serial rapist.”

  13. joanr16–

    The meth lab thing makes no sense even if it were run by Pablo Escobar’s smarter brother. Rather than having the unlucky census taker just “disappear,” or trying to make it look like suicide or an accident, they do all they can to invite a massive FBI investigation? The chance of this is zero.

    Someone was sending a message. I’m a little surprised not everyone is receiving it.

  14. Calling All Toasters, I think you’re right and we just wanted to let ourselves consider it coolly rather than reading the plain message and reacting. And how should we respond?

  15. toasters – remember that, by their very nature, tweakers make no sense. They don’t think or act with any sort of organization. They wouldn’t likely “disappear” someone, because that takes organization.

    The irrational-seeming details of this murder might, just possibly, have suggested tweakers, except if the killers were messed up enough to mistake a census worker for a cop, they’d be too messed up for any of the stuff that evidently followed.

    Which is why I reason it wasn’t tweakers.

    But I always try to think through all possibilities before forming a judgment.

  16. [H]ow should we respond?

    For starters, keep calling bullshit on the Dan Riehls of the blogosphere.

    Insist that the murder be investigated as an act of terrorism, because that’s what it was.

  17. Some people say Dan Riehl is a serial rapist. How can we be sure when he refuses to submit his criminal record for scrutiny? And not just the summary but the long form. What if he committed crimes in Kenya? What is he hiding?

  18. I heard that his father diddled him, then his mother. And then that he diddled all of his younger relatives. There is, of course, no evidence to support this diddling charge. Did he, or did he not diddle?
    So, it’s a riddle whether he’s in the middle of a charge where all of his younger relatives he did diddle.
    I’m not sayin’ nothin’. I’m just askin’. I’m kind of in da middle…

    Oh, and don’t ask Riehl if the story about him, the gerbil , and the shop-vac is real. I’m not sayin’ it’s real, it’s probably just surreal.

  19. Mike G — I think you’re on to something. Is Dan Riehl an illegal alien? He hasn’t made his birth certificate public, and why not?

  20. Insofar as he may be a bug creature from another planet, he is, by definition illegal and an alien. However, as a bug creature, it may be that he is technically incapable of being a serial rapist, depending, of course, on the formation of ‘his’ ovipositor, and/or whether his species implants their larvae in mammalian hosts. Since Riehl has, to this point, refused to provide any DNA for analysis, despite the fact that it might clear him of charges of being a serial rapist, the conclusion is obvious. Why won’t he provide a DNA sample to prove that he is either not an illegal space alien OR a serial rapist?

  21. Well if Riehl turns out to be an alien bug then perhaps somebody got the serial rapist part wrong… they might have meant a cereal rapist. But bug or no bug he’s still a sexual deviant with a reprobate mind whose refusal to produce his birth certificate only indicates that he’s hiding something.
    We should all pray for him that he gets the needed mental health counseling that he so badly needs.

  22. Well, this is getting serious. We heard so much about how the Clintons had Vince Foster killed, then we hear that we went to war with Iraq on false charges, Then we hear about a dead staffer in Joe Scarboroughs office, and I hear that some people say that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990.
    Actually, I hear a lot more about Obama’s birth certificate than the charges against the Republicans in that previous list. All I can say is that Glenn Beck seems crazy enough to do anything.

  23. You are all way off. Dan is the murderer and he is trying to cover his tracks. In fact unless he can prove otherwise, we can assume that he is a sociopath like BTK.

    According to the DSM, Dan fits the criteria to be diagnosed with Anti-social Personality disorder. I could be wrong but he needs to prove me wrong by first proving he is sane. Three or more of the following are required

    1. Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
    2. Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
    3. Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;
    4. Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
    5. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
    6. Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;
    7. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.

    #2 is a given. #4 as well. #5. #6. Also #7. So we know that Dan has Anti-Social Personality disorder and that he could have murdered Sparkman.

  24. Great post about a despicable man and his blog.
    Every once in a while, I wonder if we should have more policing of the internet.
    Today was one of those times.

  25. I know nothing at all about Riehl. He makes strong accusations about Sparkman being a child predator. That sounds like pure speculation and a lot like a smoke screen. I hope the truth be known and whatever it is the criminal or criminals have done will be discovered and he or they are prosecuted.

  26. I came to this site from Sadly, No! where some people are saying it’s possible that Dan Riehl rapes children and goats. Dan Riehl, who is suspected of raping children and goats, has not denied these allegations over there, and Dan Riehl (who may well have raped children and goats; irresponsible not to speculate) continues to refuse to deny that he rapes children and goats. I’m not saying that Dan Riehl rapes children and goats, I’m just asking why Dan Riehl won’t deny that he rapes children and goats.

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  28. I knew it; I had suspected Riehl to be associated with children in a nagative way. Its good to know that he is a known rapist. I wonder when will he be investigated.

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