Christie Wins NJ

It’s been about ten years since I’ve lived in New Jersey, although I see it frequently. I assume Jon Corzine’s defeat came about because New Jersey voters were unhappy with him. However, I think the people of New Jersey possibly don’t understand how far right Christie is. New Jersey has had Republican governors in recent memory, but not crazy hard-right ideological Republican governors. New Jersey likes governors who cut taxes, but if Christie pushes a hard-right social agenda, he will be a one-term governor.

Bloomberg narrowly was re-elected mayor of New York. I’m surprised the vote was a close as it seems to be; the other candidate ran a weak campaign, I thought.

I’m not going to wait up for the New York 23 or Maine “gay marriage” results. Those will take a while, I suspect.

4 thoughts on “Christie Wins NJ

  1. They’re telling me that the Democrat won in the NY-23 race. This will no doubt be interpreted as something fantastic and positive for crazy-ass conservatives and the tea party movement, for reasons that will make sense only to them and to the media droids who will spew that concept far and wide.

    A reliably Republican seat will now be held by a Democrat, and a parade of national conservative political figures couldn’t manage to convince voters that they ought to vote for a guy who knew nothing about their district’s issues. Still, somehow this will be seen as a ‘rebuke’ of Obama and a high-water mark for the Tea Bag Looney Party, with ominous import for the Democrats in 2010 and 2012, even though it seems to prove that supporting Tea Bag Loonies will only result in moderates going to the Dems, helping them win.

    I’m going to bed now, so I can wake up to Mara Liasson on NPR tomorrow, telling me how bad this is for Obama.

  2. I can see it now, the GOP will say that Hoffman losing is not a reflection on them as he was not a Republican candidate.

  3. i never understand NJ voters–they create their own mess and then turn against anyone who actually attempts to fix it. kind of the American paradigm, i suppose.

    as for NYC, the closeness is due to two things: a LOT of people were angry about Bloomberg’s overturning term limits through the city council, and also people need a new mayor from time to time. if the challenger had been better than Thompson there would have been a new mayor.

    VA not a surprise; ME shows that the old folks still get out to vote and that gay issues will not go away until they die. unfortunate but this is not a rational issue.

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