The Fort Hood Shooting

Let’s not speculate on motive until we know more. All we know about the Fort Hood Shooting is that 12 are dead (as of now). Initial reports indicated there were multiple shooters, but only one has been identified, Army Major Malike Nadal Hasan, who is dead. Two other soldiers are suspects. Terrible news.

Update: McClatchy Newspapers reports the shooter may still be alive.

12 thoughts on “The Fort Hood Shooting

  1. ABC News is reporting that the two people arrested have since been released. Charlie Gibson named the Austin newspaper as the source for this info. So at the moment it appears there may have been only the one person involved.

    It’s been a day for the bad kind of crazy. The Capitol was invaded by shrieking Fetus People; and now this awful news from Ft. Hood. Yikes.

  2. The cables are reporting that “the shooter was a muslim”? When was the last time you heard “the shooter was a christian”? It seems our news media is confusing the two wars we are fighting in the middle east with a war against Islam, I wonder where they got that idea?

  3. Hey, the shooter was also a psychiatrist….

    Makes you wonder. Just sayin’. Birth certificate!!!!! Etc.

  4. I’m not one to speculate…but I have a faint suspicion that this incident has it’s roots in the misery and suffering created by Bush’s invasion of Iraq. I think it’s all part of the tab we must pay as a nation for ever trusting in George W. Bush. And I think Satan himself would be repulsed as I am by that egotistical moron Bush.

  5. Barbara is right, troops. Let’s try to hold the speculation in check as well as the snarking, at least until the blood has dried. There’s a bunch of families grieving and we owe to them to maintain some dignity & decorum as the truth emerges.

  6. Bigotry always deserves snark. The alternative is to hate right back, which only makes things worse.

    I’m not sure how or why we distinguish these military deaths from the faces on the News Hour every week. A president fakes one war and blows off another; the next president carries on those wars; the Rummys and Gateses and McCrystals and Petraeuses are in denial; the citizenry likewise.

    In fact, it’s a constant tragedy. The blood never dries.

  7. The shooter went to Va. Tech. It makes me wonder if he was around when the kid shot people there. What I don’t understand is, this guy had been given a bad review and was arguing with people and becoming anti war. Why would they send him over to be one on one with guys struggling in the midst of war?

  8. “Barbara is right, troops. Let’s try to hold the speculation in check as well as the snarking, at least until the blood has dried”

    Troops who’s troops, certainly not yours, I’m with joanr16, let the snarking continue!

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