Some Congresspersons Are More Equal Than Others

In Republican World, women may only speak with the leave of right-wing men. Watch:

As explained at Think Progress the video shows members of the Democratic Women’s Caucus of the House attempting to offer arguments for how the healh care reform bill would benefit women.

House Republicans — led by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) — repeatedly talked over, screamed, and shouted objections. “I object, I object, I object, I object, I object,” Price interjected as Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) tried to hold the floor.

In an effort to delay and derail the proceedings, the Republicans continually talked over the Democratic women for half an hour. They sought to prevent the debate by calling for unnecessary “parliamentary inquiries” and requests for “expanding the debate” by an hour.

Here’s an “objection” mashup. This is stunning:

This was nothing but bullying. And the punch line is provided by Little Lulu, who writes that female Democrats — female, not “women,” note — were at fault.

A parade of female Democrats are using the House resolution process to play the gender card on Pelosicare and eat into general debate time through unanimous consent requests. GOP Reps are objecting. Chair John Dingell shutting up GOP reps. Repubs want an extension of an hour on debate to balance the female Dem circus.

So, according to Michelle Malkin, the health care needs of women are a joke. Speaking of which, by now you probably have heard that as a last-ditch compromise, the House bill probably will include this provision:

The amendment will prohibit federal funds for abortion services in the public option. It also prohibits individuals who receive affordability credits from purchasing a plan that provides elective abortions. However, it allows individuals, both who receive affordability credits and who do not, to separately purchase with their own funds plans that cover elective abortions. It also clarifies that private plans may still offer elective abortions.

Whatever misbegotten creature the final bill turns out to be will require a lot of improving.

20 thoughts on “Some Congresspersons Are More Equal Than Others

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  2. maha,
    What are you thinking? Don’t you know that woman are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant in the house, not putting up a defense of other women in The House?

    As for Malkin, that is some especially vile mass of protoplasm in human form. She doesn’t understand undertand the need for health care. Why can’t other people take eye of newt, and tongue of salamander, and wash it down with mare’s sweat when they’re sick, like she and the other witches do.

  3. Regarding abortion – The GOP strategy has to be to divide the Democrats – the GOP can’t stop this bill without defections from Dems. Abortion is a dangerous hot-button issue for the next election – possibly fatal for some Democrats up for election. If we wind up attaching abortion funding to a DOD bill later, fine. If we have to address a wonams RIGHT to an elective abortion in the Supreme Court after Obama has made his next appointment, fine. But let’s get Health Care passed NOW – even WITH faults – WITH a public option. After the elelctions of 2010, we won’t be able to pass this. Once it’s passed, the GOP will never be able to repeal it.

    Regarding the rudeness. I have never seen anything like it. Someone who knows – tell me if tis is typical. Have Democrats ever adopted the tactic of interrupting every speaker to make it impossible to be heard? Bipartisanship be DAMNED – PASS THIS BILL!

  4. cund gulag – You are being particularly insulting to witches by comparing MM to practicioners of the Craft. I have known some very nice witches – and some good looking ones. Be niice to witches of you will be commenting as a toad before Health Care passes.

  5. I had to shut down the stream halfway through; I could feel my blood pressure boiling. I have purposely stayed away from C-Span today, I had a feeling this kind of child like behavior would darken the halls of congress today. These fucking publicants are on the verge of destroying 200+ years of rule of law and civility in this country. Is it any fucking wonder that we have racist assholes marching on the steps of our congress waving banners with holocaust victims compared to house democrats and our legally elected president, when we have these child like mother fuckers on the inside. This is the right-wing of this country, there can be no argument, no excuse for them, they are a bunch of uneducated, ignorant, racist, domestic fucking terrorists. They love to invoke the constitution, if anything ever threatened the constitution of this country it is these corporate shilling morons and the uneducated ignorant throngs they have managed to enlist in their Corporate funded Jihad!

  6. Batshit Crazy Michelle just gave a run-on rambler. Eleven minutes of debate left it looks like Nancy is gonna let this bill come to a vote, wow. I called my rep today, non-commit. Boner has come to the well, plays the fetus card.

  7. I look at it as a failure of the chair to keep order, including calling the sergeant at arms to escort unruly congress-critters out of the chamber. One of the ways of dealing with bullying is to refer it to a higher authority, in this case the chair, who sadly wasn’t up to the task.

  8. Curious that this goverment takeover of the healthcare economy, really in the end only hinges on the fetus people. Ignore the living, save the unborn, that is the publican’t way. I mean this is gonna destroy our nation, but really!

  9. Judging by the extremely narrow margin by which this passed, I have to say liberal men aren’t all that much better than conservative men when it comes even half way respecting over 1/2 the population.

    We keep thinking liberal men as a whole care about these issues, but the reality is that they don’t. I love how the second commenter above, presumably a liberal guy, lectures us to take it & lump it.

  10. Doug Hughes,
    You were right!
    Some witch turned mei nto a newt last night.
    What happened thismorning?
    I, I uh, I got bettah!

  11. If the last two weeks have not made it clear to anyone listening that the provision of good health services is NOT what the debate is about, then what would? People who want to believe that “conservative” notions govern the opposition are either purposely self-deceiving or utterly naive. The framing of the issue as “conservative” is a stroke of genius on the part of the Republican puppet masters, because most everyone has a segment of the definition of “conservative” marked as a positive quality of efficient management of resources. This is the mental wedge that gets people to accept that Republican ideas are aimed at reducing the fabled government waste and mismanagement they prattle about. Yet what have they ever done about it? Sorry, venting. Carry on.

  12. Wow. Honestly, there have to be some rules as to what gets you kicked off the floor of the House. And that HAS to have broken them.

    As for Little Lulu: “Pelosicare”? I thought it was Obamacare. I have trouble keeping up with all the new words they keep inventing because it’s easier than actually governing the country.

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