It’s Armistice Day

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Today Wingnuts are suffering from reaction whiplash. Early in the week they were slamming President Obama for not personally attending the observance of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Monday.

They shut up after some of them realized it would have been a challenge for him to be in Berlin on Monday and Fort Hood, Texas, on Tuesday. Of course, nothing he did at Fort Hood placated them either. A speech being called “great” by some parts of media was dismissed as “largely unemotional” by the Wall Street Journal.

Blogger wingnuts dismiss the speech because it was Barack Obama who delivered it, and everyone knows Barack Obama hates the military and America because he’s, you know, Barack Obama.

One said, “Some say that Obama looks down on the military. He views our soldiers as the great unwashed, trashy and ignorant, like Sarah Palin.” Yes, no doubt some say that. And some say all wingnut bloggers put together couldn’t outsmart a cactus.

The blogger continues,

Others assert that Obama’s sympathies lie with the Muslims. Thus, he wants to avoid our burning questions: Why wasn’t Major Hasan put on leave after he made anti-American remarks and surfed the web for information about Jihad? Most importantly: what is the government going to do to keep our military people and civilians safe?

Today James Gordon Meek reports for the Daily Post that the President is turning up the heat on the military and the FBI for not acting on some obvious red flags in Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s record.

However, I doubt the President was ever handed a memo before the shootings warning that Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was planning to commit mass murder somewhere. If he had been given such a memo and ignored it, then he would have been a really bad President, huh?

12 thoughts on “It’s Armistice Day

  1. Well we all know nothing would please the wing-nut fringe more than a terror attack, and they just might be able to claim this tragedy as their prize. Yes see bu$hco kept us safe for 7 years after 9-11, the afrosocialistdespot Obama could not even manage a full year!

  2. Thanks to all veterans.

    The policies you risk you life for are not always reflective of our ideals; your courage and sacrifice are fully appreciated regardless.

    And happy belated birthday to the USMC, the service branch from which my son is a veteran, and which produced the two time Medal of Honor winner M.Gen Smedley Butler.

  3. A speech being called “great” by some parts of media was dismissed as “largely unemotional” by the Wall Street Journal. One has to remember that WSJ is now part of Rupert Murdoch’s “fairly unbalanced” empire. NOTHING Obama does is ALLOWED to make an impression on you if Rupert signs off on your paycheck. I think if you’re a Newscorp publication your goal is to destroy [President] Barack Obama according to the DC Bureau chief of the NY Post or something like that.

  4. It’s sad that on a day when we celebrate Veteran’s sacrifices for this country we are also reminded of things NOT to be proud of.

    On Sept. 16, 2007, a Blackwater convoy opened fire in Iraq’s crowded Nissor Square, killing 17 Iraqi civilians and wounding dozens more. The incident set off a backlash of criticism against the contractor, and earlier this year, Iraq said that it wouldn’t issue Blackwater a new operating license. Today, the New York Times reports that in 2007, top executives at Blackwater approved $1 million to bribe critical Iraqi officials into supporting the company, although it is unclear whether the money ever made it to the intended recipients

  5. All the wingnuts’ complaints about Obama are projections of who they are. Obama is a kind, generous man with a lovely and loving family. It is too bad that these same wingnuts were not taught any manners, which would at least keep them from calling him unspeakable names. I remember if I just called W an idiot (which we all know is a pretty accurate description), I was threatened with being frogmarched somewhere for treason. The worst part is that the so-called MSM seems to do its best to legitimize the racism and hate that comes from the right. These people are a minority and don’t deserve to even be noticed.

  6. Never did hear a peep from that crowd, either, when KBR built showers for our troops in Iraq that caused numerous deaths by electrocution, or Walter Reed was privatized and turned into a small corner of Hell. In both instances, either V.P. Cheney or his former colleagues from Halliburton personally profited while our soldiers suffered or died.

    So to that crowd I say, Eff you very much.

    To our vets I say, Thank you, bless you, and please remember it’s not always the ones waving flags who are working to ensure you’re treated well. (I believe a lot of vets do know this.)

  7. I heard my favorite stupid line in all of media this morning. Again!
    Mika, on ‘Cup ‘O Schmoe,” said, “Some people say….” And then went on with what “they” say.
    This term should never, ever be allowed. EVER! In print, on radio, on TV, or in your dreams, unless you quote them. WHO TF said it? Is it a credible source, or some drunk at a TGIF’s sucking his girlfriend’s extra drinks on ladies night?
    Mika, let me turn this on you: “Mika, some people say that you slept with your Father for years. But then you discovered that goats smelled better and were better lover’s, so you slept with them until you got married. But then when you discovered your husband slept with your son, you went back to Billy, the goat.”
    Who say’s? Well, “some people” say. Who said it? Well, I JUST SAID IT! So, therefore, ‘some people’ do say it. I just proved it!

  8. Lonely and bare and desolate,
    Stretches of muddy filtered green,
    A silence half articulate
    off all those dumb eyes have seen.

    A battered trench, a tree with boughs
    Smutted and black with smoke and fire,
    A solitary ruined house,
    A crumpled mass of rusty wire.

    And scarlet by each ragged fen
    Long scattered ranks of poppies lay,
    As though the blood of the dead men
    Had not wholly washed away.

    Alec Waugh, France, 1917

  9. We glorify our military far too much and I refuse to be part of that. Anyone who has been in the military knows they are really good at shooting and blowing things up, but piss poor at almost everything else. If we would go back to having a citizen army, but only during times of national emergency, shit like this would not happen.

  10. Thanks, Maha. I still call it Armistice Day, too, and wrote a series of posts for it this year (some featured poems by Wilfred Owen, as I see you have before).

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