12 thoughts on “Br’er Rabbit and the Medicare Briar Patch

  1. It’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some whoppers. I’ll vote against anyone who even suggests such a thing.

  2. Does Senator Cornyn go with Rick Perry if Texas secedes? – cause if so I’m all for it.

    CORNYN: It’s breathtaking to me, Chris, the disdain with which this administration and Senate Democrats have for the private sector. If you eliminate the private sector when it comes to health provision, you’re left with only the government.

    CORNYN: I think, actually, Senator Durbin has underestimated the amount of tax dollars that would go to insurance companies under the Reid bill. I think it’s about $450 billion.

    CORNYN: This shouldn’t be about demonizing the private sector, and, you know, glorifying the government sector.

    CORNYN: I think it’s about $450 billion that will go in the form of tax credits that will be directed by the Treasury Secretary to insurance companies.

    Forget the fact that Cornyn is speaking in what is — at best — broken English, the most amazing thing is that he said all this within a span of 60 seconds or so.

    One second he’s is claiming that Senate Democrats are trying to eliminate private insurance companies, and the very next second he’s claiming that they are subsidizing them to the tune of $450 billion.

    That just doesn’t make any sense at all, but he says it with a Straight face and Deeply Serious voice dripping with Concern for all Americans.

    It really is a microcosm of the entire G.O.P. approach to governance after Bush: say anything as long as it’s negative, and hope that whatever sticks slows down progress.

    It might yield them some short-term victories, but it’s a bad long-term (or even medium-term) strategy. As long as Democrats have their act together, it should be easy to defeat the “Party of No.”

    Oh, and another thought: if John Cornyn thinks giving an industry $450 billion is an act of disdain, then please, let me be disdained.

  3. Medicare boogaloo. I think it’s a terrible idea too. Way to alienate young voters. Oh, let’s shovel MORE resources to the baby boomers.

  4. I, myself, will not be able to sleep thinking about how, in a few short years, my freedom of health care choice might be denied by this plan! The only thing worse than this plan would be to lower the age even further! O.M.G!!!

  5. I have even heard of a plan whereby each day of this week, the age of Medicare is lowered by another decade. By the weekend everyone over 25 will be on Medicare. The world as we know it is ending. (shhuuuu, quiet, yea, shuuu quiet). Absolutely terrible idea!!!!!!!!! Another week and where will we be, in the womb! What next, insure the dirt in the back yard. I stand in Full Opposition.

  6. MNPundit
    The Baby Boomers are someone’s parents. Most adult children are not going to let their parents starve or go without health care. A way to protect some middle class wealth is to provide basic services to baby boomer. What part of ‘we are all in this together don’t you get??? Have ‘young’ voters forgotten who their parents, aunts, uncles etc are??

  7. The old switcheroo: nevermind this fantastic thing we have over here that will force incredibly wealthy insurance companies to start behaving ethically–just pay attention to this sop we’ll toss you that has plenty of lights on it. It’s far more important!

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