Newsweek’s Predictions for 2010

Newsweek‘s top ten predictions are online. Read the article for Newsweek‘s reasoning — the comments are mine — but here are the predictions.

  1. Pelosi keeps the house — Dems lose some House seats in the midterm elections but keep their majority. I say probably yes.
  2. GOP Ousts Reid — a Republican will take Harry Reid’s Senate seat. I think this is highly possible, and the Left should be finding a progressive challenger for the Dem primary. Who should be next majority leader, assuming Dems keep the majority?
  3. GOP Blocks Immigration Reform — if “reform” doesn’t involve fences and cattle prods, they’re agin’ it. Although the real reason their agin’ it is they want to keep their undocumented household help.
  4. California Stays Blue — Republican challengers for Senate seats will lose.
  5. Palin Gets a Talk Show — Bravo, Lifetime, or Fox? I say Fox.
  6. Florida Elects Sen. Crist — rightie challenges of Gov. Crist will backfire, and Crist will be elected to the Senate. We’ll see.
  7. Senator Dodd Loses Connecticut Seat — maybe the Left ought to be looking for a primary challenger there also.
  8. Obama Gets Second Court Pick — he’s bound to get another pick before 2012, anyway.
  9. Obama Does Nada on Gay Rights — probably true.
  10. Dems Steal Texas Governor’s Mansion — Houston Mayor Bill White will win the gubernatorial election by a nose. That would be sweet.

26 thoughts on “Newsweek’s Predictions for 2010

  1. 1/ Agreed, Pelosi is hated by the right, luke warm on the left at best.I think she
    looks hot as hell for a 70 year old, but my inner pig don’t matter.And she loves Israel too much.Buh by Nancy….
    2/ GOP ousts Reid. Yep, Reid has is as exciting as a case of shingles.
    3/GOP backs immigration reform. Someone needs to wipe the baby’s ass and pick the fruit and veggies, besides, Americans are too lazy to work at dead-end construction jobs with 0 benefits, agreed.
    4/California stays blue. Yep, Orange county is red, San Diego is full metal jacket, and the Central Valley is Redneckistan, but the majority is indeed liberal.
    5/Palin gets a talk show. Yeah, on the cartoon network. Can we just build a shrine to the bitch and call it good? Jeesh!
    6/Florida elects Charlie….
    Charlie has used up his political capital, besides, he’s a closet gay which will come out soon.
    7/Dodd looses. Yep[.
    8/Obama Gets second supreme appointment.
    Bader-Ginsburg has one foot in the grave, the other is on a banana peel; right again.
    9 /Nada on gay rights. Correct, no ‘splainin’ necessary.
    10/Dems steal Texas Gov mansion.Interesting observation.
    Houston just elected a lesbian mayor, but the gas a holics still control the place, and Jesus hates fags.The Republic of Texas is rapture ready, and don’t take no crap from no librls. I don’t think so, but that Mayan calander does end in 2012…..

  2. If Palin gets a talk show it better be on Trinity Broadcasting Network. That’s the only place where her brand of lunacy is sustainable. Maybe she might be able to develop a gig like Marlin Perkins had with Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. That’s if there is a big enough audience of hunters interested in killing and field stripping moose in the wilds of Alaska.

  3. “Marlin Perkins had with Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”

    Quite the trip down memory lane, funny the killing was always on Sunday evening wasn’t it?

    I predict a zero is gonna turn one and a nine is going back to zero.

  4. Personally, I think there just might be movement on gay rights this year, *IF* health care reform gets done and signed (or irrevocably killed) reasonably early.

    Obama doesn’t want to do a thing on it until his a-number-one priority, HCR, is dealt with. Obama also won’t want to be in the *middle* of the fight to repeal DOMA and/or DADT when election season starts up.

    However, I do believe he is going to get to it eventually … and getting to it this year instead of next might be a way to get the base back on his side in time for the elections…

    So, if he thinks he can get it done and wrapped up AFTER HCR is passed but BEFORE election season is in full swing, I think he’ll do it. Otherwise, it’ll be 2011.


  5. I’ve been calling for replacement for Dodd for months and months. You know who will listen to me? About as many people who listened when I predicted Corzine’s loss months out.

  6. Losing Reid would be no great loss. Losing Dodd will be.
    Bruce, I like the Feingold idea. Unfortunately, it’ll bring the anti-Semites into play with the racsist tea”buggerer’s.” Not that they’re not already there, come to think about it.
    How about Harkin or Durban? I’d love Bernie or Al Franken, but that ain’t gonna happen…

  7. Way off topic, but if anyone didn’t watch the first half of Bill Moyers show last night it was spot on in its commentary. It was robert kuttner and matt taibbi they both articulated their disappointment in Obama and played a little insider baseball gossip by letting us know exactly why Obama was such a disappointment! rahm emanuel did not end up looking good, another corporate stooge willing to give the banks what ever they want as long as they fill up the fundraising coffers… its tragic that Obama doesn’t actually follow through on his reforms, but its not too late.

  8. My prediction: due to the apparent fact President Obama is ignoring the populist outrage out there in America media stunt men like Glenn Beck and Rushbo will use more of their faux outrage and encourage more of these nihilistic teabaggers to run for office. Its disappointing because the populist rage should / could be captured by Obama to produce genuinely progressive answers to the tough problems facing America.

  9. I live in Texas, on the very most eastern edge. Igrew up 2 blocks from the Sabine river. The repugs in this stae have decided in this stae that when haricanes hit this area will pay a heavy fine to entergy for fuel consuption that they say they need to repair our electral lines. And they keep on adding this fuel consumtion charge to every electric bill . Everytime a hurricane hits, we run for our lives, only to come back home and fix our places up, then to find out that not only do we have to repair our homes, we have to pay entergy for the repairs to their ifastruture

  10. Hi MahaBarb,

    Bill White will NOT beat either Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchison in Texas. If you look at how Obama is polling here in Texas(much worse than the rest of the US, even substantially worse than in other solidly red states), I think you would see this. Newsweek writers are presumably too lazy to do even the most cursory research on the metrics here.

    I’m not saying this out of a desire to mock people who want to support White, because I have no such desire. But from where I’m sitting the people who want to push the GOP further to the right are pouring money into the Rep Primary to defeat Hutchison’s challenge, because they know that “Slick Rick” will come on all flowers and moderate in the general, but that he represents a significant rightward shift in terms of where GOP funding will flow, both here in Texas and throughout the South if he holds on and gets re-elected, and the national media will make hay about how a hard-right GOP politician became the only governor to win a third term in Texas history. (really 3 1/2 if you count his de facto governership when GWB was running for president in 99-00…)

    I know that any TX progressives reading this may well be aghast at the following, but they really should consider voting for Kay Bailey in the March GOP primary, because she has a chance to unseat Perry, but White doesn’t.

  11. jubheadjack
    Don’t forget those of us who pay insurance to have our house fixed when a Texas sized storm destroys it. We pay 40% more a year for insurance and would have been better off without it and fixed our own house. In 5 years, we have paid for all the repairs and then some. We have Austin and Houston and if we can convince the rest of the state that they should be afraid of voting, maybe we could elect a Dem. Too bad the only things repub fear are illiguls and terist!!!!
    Newsweek made my day for even suggesting that Bill White could win.

  12. After witnessing the turnaround on Xmas eve a.m. — when suddenly Harry Reid could do no wrong — I’m thinking the Reid-loses prediction may be a little premature.

    Not that he’s necessarily more popular in Nevada, but I think a lot of appreciation-for-hard-work money will go into his campaign and that could help. What happens during “reconcilation” (not a word one should use about any state of the Senate’s diabolical character at this point), and the extent to which Reid is congratulated by half the country for having produced a miracle, will probably determine whether Reid is seen in his home state as a hero or a screw-up.

    Jonathan Versen: I’m a Texan and I’ve been thinking the same thing about Kay Bailey.

  13. I think this list reflects the liberal bias at NBC. Here is a more realistic list: first, the Democrats will lose control of the house. Second, they will gain six Senate seats but Lieberman will caucus with Republicans. Third, we have a major terrorist act in 2010 and that along with O’bama’s total failure to get his agenda passed will set him up to be a one term president. Fourth, we will begin to see the chronic negative effects of the huge spending spree in that by the end of year we will see increased inflation. The inflation will be approximately 6-7 percent. Fifth, health care continues to implode the Republicans will water down what is left of it and the Supreme court will rule the gov’t can’t require people to carry health insurance. Sixth, O’bama will push for immigration reform and this issue will be his death knell along with the Democrats in the house. The Democrats will have the second largest loss of members in its history in 2010 and immigration reform will still fail.

  14. Stephen,
    I have three questions for you (besides, where you been for a week?):
    1. Are you really the son of Thurston Howell III?
    2. Since your dad’s wife was too old to have children, who did he steal away from Skipper, Professor, and Gilligan? Was it Mary Ann or Ginger? Or did he ‘go native?”
    Nah, based on your immigration comments, “going native” was not an option.
    My bet is Ginger. Mary Ann had some form of native smarts. Ginger would fall for a conservative like your Dad, what with all the money he could promise her when they were rescued.
    3. How did they finally get off the island?

    PS: I hope your health care coverage is top notch and that you don’t get sick or lose your house. Or are witchdoctor’s covered under the policy where you live? Wouldn’t it be a shaman if it wasn’t.

  15. Cund gulag your sad and pathetic effort at putdowns don’t change the facts nor the mood of the country. If you as a Liberal think you will get what you want by living in dreamland that it OK, but my list is not meant to be a finger in your eye it is just what I think will happen in the next year. I am afraid large numbers of Liberals have deceived themselves about who really runs this country. Currently, at the most there are only about 20-25% of the American population that considers themselves liberals. When they voted for Obama they thought they would get middle of the road leadership in the vein of Clinton. I think any thinking person would have to admit they did not get that leadership nor did he take the country in the direction most wanted him to to it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be polling between 44-48%. I strongly believe that Democrats will lose big in 2010 because I don’t think you can stick your finger in the eye of the American people and not pay for. The Democrats plan for health care may be the best think since sliced bread, but the majority of the American people don’t want anything with it. The stimulus, health care, immigration, moving terrorists to U.S, cap and trade are all issues that only liberals want. You can’t run a country where you don’t have the support of the people. Last time I checked this is not Cuba and Obama is not Fidel!

    • I’m putting it to a vote, gang — obviously Stephen Howell is not up to our comment thread standards, but should I ban him now or do you want to kick him around awhile first?

  16. Maha, What standards are those? Ideological? If you only want Liberals just say so? I don’t think I said anything inappropriate? Anyway, do what you will!

  17. Maha, What standards are those? Ideological?

    No, intelligence. I don’t like my site cluttered up with Stupid. But this post has scrolled off the front page and no one is reading it any more. So just do us a favor and go drool on someone else’s blog, OK? Thanks much.

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