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  1. Yeah, a little stress positioning wouldn’t hurt that little pansy. He’s so emotional fragile it wouldn’t take much to break him down.

  2. Digby had a clip from some retarded documentary on Fox that Beck produced that tried to insinuate that Josef Stalin and modern day American progressives were essentially equivalent. The moron even went on to assert that Adolf Hitler was the forerunner of American liberals! This idiotic assertion is easily refuted by the fact that liberals and intellectuals were two groups that Hitler targeted for persecution and possible extermination. William Shirer’ dfinitive book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich confirms this. Glenn Beck is obviously a stupid, stupid man. This would be not such a big deal except his purpose is to inflame people to such a degree that they want to do harm to the victims of Becks moronic rants. The history of the last fifty years is not of liberals acting violently. Quite the opposite. It is of mindless violence done by conservatives. Do I need to mention Tim McVeigh, Francisco Duran or the Unabomber?

  3. Beck may be a stupid, stupid man, but his followers eat it up.

    Ages ago I read a posting over at DailyKos about what life was like in post WW2 Germany, after the Allies moved in and took over running the country, including all its towns and villages. The people you had to fear were not Hitler or any of his henchmen, who either died, were captured, or fled the scene. While notorious, they were at the top of the German pyramid, and far removed from everyday actual contact. The people you had to fear were those angry neighbors who still had a picture of the Fuhrer hanging in their living room.

    These are the idiots Beck is inflaming. When TSHTF, these are the same types we’ll all have to steer clear of. I’m thinking right now of a mildly belligerant woman in my complex who I saw a few weeks ago proudly walking around in a McCain/Palin T-shirt. A full year after these two lost. I could probably deck her, if push came to shove, but who needs the confrontation.

    Liberals are being set up, and have been ever since Rush opened his mouth. Beck is simply cranking up the hate to a new level.

  4. Does this mean that if we catch him, we can treat him as an enemy combatant?

    Sure, if I get to be the one to tear pages out of Going Rogue in front of Glenn’s face, and flush them down the toilet.

  5. As a kid, my buds and I used to pick a word — any word — and repeat it over and over again until it lost all meaning. For some reason that escapes me now, we found this highly entertaining.

    I keep hoping that’s what is going to happen with Beck and the rest of the hate-mongers’ ridiculous memes about liberals. So far, though, their audiences seem to think they’re actually making sense. Then again, maybe for them opinion is sufficient unto itself and making sense is not a requirement.

  6. OOOH! A war on “Progressives!”
    What A TOUGH GUY!!! What, the “Sister’s of Charity” are out of town, the “Polio-crippled Children’s League’ is at the circus, and Mother Theresa’s dead? What’s next? Challenge the Democrat’s to a decisiveness challenge?
    Glenn, if, while you’re out goose-stepping, you’d stop being goosed by the goose-stepper behind you while you’re goosing the goose-stepper in front of you, you might notice that we “Progressives” haven’t exactly had much say in governing this country since oh, what, Sarah Palin was born, hatched, or was raised my moose (meese? Why is the plural of goose, geese, but the plural of moose, moose? No wonder immigrants come here to work but don’t want citizenship).
    Well, this progressive welcomes the battle!
    And if I ‘catch’ him, I’ll ‘release’ him. Why let an amoeba (’cause that’s what he looks like to me) think it’s a great white shark?
    Besides, his friends will wonder what deal he made to get away so clean.
    Think about the delicious irony of that… Who did this great bloviater blow, to avoid any blows? Enquiring minds on the right will want to know.

  7. Declare war on progressives?
    Keep talkin beck, the evil gubmint loves to throw “folks” in jail for “conspiracy”.
    He is conspiring to start a “war”. First progressive killed, Beck gets the blame and the time.
    Bring it on ass hat!

  8. Fear, Hate, Ignorance and Greed – when these are all you have in your toolbox you learn to work the best you can with them and what virtuosos some folks have turned out to be.

  9. cundgulag thanks
    for the chuckles
    as for beck
    I’ll give him my knuckles

    no reason to be kind
    he is just scum
    an hour with me
    his body be numb

    I’d give him what for
    and just for fun
    I would do it again
    till he was done

    it would not be gentle
    waterboarding Ha!
    it be tough and brutal
    an Auschwitz spa

    hey I know I sound mean
    but I’m a kittykat
    he just gets to me
    his face I would splat

    a kick to the groin
    a smack to his noggin
    one way trip to hell
    aboard a fast toboggan

  10. I reiterate the comment I quoted from Baseline Scenario a couple of days ago posted by RA. Effectively, it is all part of the yelling and denying. Beck is just a water-carrier.

    Reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon: When Dilbert offended them, all the stupid people gathered on his lawn. One put Dilbert’s garden hose in his mouth. Dilbert: What are they doing? Dogbert: They’re going to drink up all of our water. That is about Beck’s speed. Suck on that hose, Glenn!

  11. …retarded documentary on Fox that Beck produced that tried to insinuate that Josef Stalin and modern day American progressives were essentially equivalent.

    Rats. I was going to hold a putsch next week to weed out a “right deviation” in the Democratic party, but the fiend found me out. “Trotski, quick! Buy tickets to South America! We’ve been exposed!”


  12. Dave..I think he uncovered your plot by deciphering the communist hieroglyphics plastered all over the walls at the NBC studios in New York. He seems to be a regular Indiana Jones when it comes to finding Trotskyites

  13. Muldoon, so true. He gives his viewers freedom…the freedom to impute their own meaning and to think magically which must feel really good. I should learn to do that. Because I struggle with most things I must be stuck in a rut.

    Andy Warhol observed:

    I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.

  14. Since that “dhimmicrat/traitor” fad faded it’s about time somebody over there woke up the Sleep Comfort bed-potato crowd. Glenn better hustle lest his luck run out and he has to go up against bigger and badder versions of Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw.

  15. Progressives challenge the narrative, so we become the enemy:

    In my more paranoid moments, I find rapture-ready people the most threatening. The nearest town is about 4,500 people, very low crime, etc. For a while there was a woman frequenting parking lots hawking gospel CD’s and end of the world pamphlets. To my untrained eye, she was as crazy as a loon. My first impulse was to present some sort of verbal rebuff, but when I looked her in the eye, I thought better of it.

    I think people like her are suffering from a variant of “Jerusalem Syndrome”. As you know, this strikes people visiting the Holy Land, who are overwhelmed by their religious experience and become convinced that they are taking part in Biblical history. What has happened here is that people have become convinced that Biblical history, in the form of prophecy, is happening here and now, and they are players in it. I think these people have a considerable capacity for violence. They are in general, strong second amendment advocates, well armed and not squeamish about a little blood, due to years of hunting. If some crisis triggered their apocalyptic fantasies strongly enough, I wouldn’t expect to last more than a few hours. I know, I sound paranoid, but some of these people really don’t inhabit the same psychological landscape that we do.

    One reason that global warming and healthcare reform serve so well as hot button issues is that in their view God is watching over our planet (He loves us, you know.) and would never allow it to be destroyed except as foretold in prophecy. God’s plan predates the creation, so your time is predestined. Why do you need healthcare? If you believe in global warming or healthcare reform you in essence contradict certain articles of faith.

    My neighbors only use healthcare for emergencies and births. I have a neighbor dying of a very preventable cancer, because she just didn’t believe in going to doctors. There is a religious component to her avoidance of modern medicine.

    I have lived here for over 12 years. My neighbors are kind, extradinarily helpful people who know the Bible cover to cover. Conversations often include Biblcal quotations. Do you know how many times during my time here I have heard a quotation from the “Sermon on the Mount” rather than Revelations or Old Testament prophecy? You guessed it.

  16. Is “here” the USA, goatherd? Dd you live somewhere else where these nutjobs did not exist in such abundance?

    I quite agree that these people inhabit a different psychological framework. Maybe even a different planet. They have been around a long time though, and during the 1960’s and 1970’s, mainstream media and the leaders of the conservative movement kept the lunatic fringe of the right wing locked away in a remote part of the mansion.

    Thorstein Veblen attributed the “dementia praecox” which bloomed in full flower after WWI to be a function of the number of people who settled the vast open prairie spaces and lived in isolation from their neighbors and civilized society. Many people lost their minds in this environment, and as we see, they not only failed to regain them, but passed their condition on to succeeding generations.

  17. Jonerik, I believe the common name for the condition Veblen described is “Prairie Madness.”

    So, maybe those succeeding generations that Goatherd has so aptly described could be said to be suffering from a variant of that affliction: Pray-erie Madness.”

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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