Nibbled to Death by Ducks

Surfing around this morning, looking for something to blog about, finding a big pile o’ nothin’.

Recently the President suggested that during tough times, people shouldn’t “blow a bunch of cash in Vegas.” This has been blown up into a scandal. The White House had to issue a statement that the President supports the tourism industry.

Righties are still outraged that the “Underpants Bomber” was read Miranda rights, even after it was revealed the “Shoe Bomber” of 2001 also was read Miranda rights. William Jacobson argues that “Bush did it too” doesn’t make something correct, and for once I agree with him. But this is only a “scandal” because to righties the only way to handle an accused terrorist is to torture him, preferable on video. However, by all accounts the Underwear Bomber is providing actionable intelligence.

We learn that Gov. Mark Sanford didn’t break his marriage vows, because he had the “faithfulness” clause removed when he got married.

Senator Chris Dodd says the President’s new plans to rein in Wall Street are “too grand.” Dear Senator Dodd: STFU.

The health care reform bill is still stalled, and Francisco Franco is still dead.

22 thoughts on “Nibbled to Death by Ducks

  1. I recently read the wiki entry on Franco that mentioned the “still dead” thing. They really used to use that as a gag line on SNL?

  2. You better believe it. I’m still tickled when I read “BTW – Franco still dead…” Ah, the 70’s, good times if you were lucky – and we were. My g- g- generation.

  3. I think I might use Mark Sanford as a realtor … he certainly takes contracts seriously, doesn’t he?

    MNPundit – You would have to remember the endless nightly press reports that Generalisimo Francisco Franco was still clinging to life, which went on for what seemed like months on end. Franco knew how to cling. When he finally died, SNL ran the “still dead” gag for what seemed like months on end. It was hilarious.

  4. This Vegas flap is so much bullshit, like the entire Republican Party. Look, they have no plans for the future, no new ideas, no leadership and no common sense. What can they do except throw rocks at Obama over every word that comes out of his mouth? With human garbage like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin as their so-called “leaders”, they are in a world of hurt! Obama should be beating these clueless, leader-less losers like a rented mule every single day!

  5. I watched Ocean’s Thirteen last night. It seems to me that Vegas is a good place to go if Danny, Rusty and Linus are also there.

    Vegas is a dump. Send your money to me and save your time.

  6. maha,
    Dumbaya at the National Grocer’s Convention is perfect. Maybe he can try out the job he was actually born to do – bagger. NAH!!! He, he’d probably “f” that up by putting the most expnsive item you have in a glass container into a bag with the cheap canned beans and metal meat tenderizer you bought.

    As for any similarities between the “Underpants Bomber”who was read his Miranda rights, and the fact that the “Shoe Bomber” of 2001 had them read as well, there’s a Republican disclaimer”
    Any similarity you see in the treatment of both is dissimilar in that the similarities are completely dissimilar in a similar way so that any apperance of similarity should actually point out the disimilarity which made you conclude that there was, or, were, any similarity in the dissimliar way in which these seemingly similar events may, or may not, have been similar, though dissimularly handled in a dissimilar, similar way.
    We’ll wait for the pundit’s in the WaPo, the WSJ, and FOX to figure out wtf we just said. In the meantime, we’d like like to add – Obama’s a furriner, Socialist, Communist, Fascist Racsist, and, uh, uh, oh yeah! ACORN!!!

  7. Regarding the ‘underpants bomber’ … the only significance of the ‘Bush did it, too’ argument is to spotlight the double-standard of the GOP. The GOP wants to claim that Obama has weakened national security compared to Bush by doing the SAME thing as Bush.. huh?

    On the actual issue of reading a suspect his rights. Suppose that the ‘underpants bomber’ had been a domestic terrorist – or a suicide crackpot. If the decision was made NOT to read him his rights, then if/hhen he was charged as a criminal, he would WALK!

    On the other hand if you read him his rights and circumstances show he should be charged under the Patriot Act as an enemy combatent, reading him his rights does not weaken the prosecution at all. How dumb are these wingnuts???

  8. Doug,
    They want them shot on sight. But, they’ll concede that they’ll only do it after they torture them to the point of death.
    Torture, torutre, torture, then death = SUCCESS!!!
    We have opened up a Pandora’s Box of evil and stupidity that may willl probably never be closed in my lifetime.

  9. The best thing about a grocers’ convention is they have lots of rotten vegetables just lying around….

    When and where is this thing, again? Hmm… how’s my chuckin’ arm?

    Not near enough stuff has been thrown at that guy yet.

  10. cund gulag –

    It makes me weep that this administration – probably any administration – lacks the courage to proclaim that anyone – everyone – by the laws of the United States is innocent until proven guilty. Say it right out loud – directly into the camera, and by-GOD uphold the values this country was founded on. The paranoia (probalby justified) is that the GOP would exploit this as being ‘weak’.

  11. Here’s a question – since most of the commenters here are smarter than I am. Is there a statute of limitiations for the House to pass the Senate version of Health Care? What if they had the vote after the election? (for spite)

  12. Pardon me but my mind is dampened and in a fog by cough syrup and yucky flu like symptoms, but I don’t know what I would do without CUND Gulag and Doug Hughes, you two are the best!

    As to Las Vegas – for some strange reason I volunteered to attend a conference in that cartoon land two years ago and I regret it to this day. James Howard Kunstler has an awesome sample chapter on the place check out:

    Good night, and good luck.

  13. Doug – I don’t know the answer to your question, but I don’t think their is any time limitation on legislation moving from one house of Congress to the other – though I think the President can veto a bill by not signing it for ten days – if and only if Congress is adjourned for that whole time.

  14. Re: We learn that Gov. Mark Sanford didn’t break his marriage vows, because he had the “faithfulness” clause removed when he got married.

    So, did he have the faithfulness clause removed from the Bible, too. Isn’t that the book that all these rightwing hypocrites subscribe to?

  15. Got a “poll” call from that orange R senator. There was a 2 minute anti-Pelosi rant followed by questions. I just butted in and ranted back about R obstructionism and the whorishness of Rs who dare not speak or vote without fear of their funds. I did concede that the orange senator looks a little less orange/better lately, and congratulated their makeup department. The polling lady was still sputtering when I hung up. I hope they all live to see and understand the results of their words and deeds.

    I hear Eric Holder (topic shift) has sent a letter to congress regarding/defending his department’s decisions on “turra” lately. Why is there so little pushback from the Democrats? Why is he not on every channel discussing the effectiveness of his handling of Cap’n Underpants? If Sessions and Chambliss can get someone to lift their rocks, why don’t smart people show up in front of a microphone more often?

  16. I take it that the orange Senator is Boehner? He’s got a horrible skin coloring, he looks like he’s got liver disease. I think he missed his calling as an undertaker.

  17. Boener is clearly a fake tanner or something because he has issues… he lives in Ohio or some other un-balmy place – who can blame him?

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