9 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Given that Bayh waited until the filing deadline to announce his retirement, it’s almost certain that the Republicans will win this seat now despite Dan Coats having been exposed as having just rented a house in Indiana so he would qualify to run.

    • I’m reading elsewhere that if the filing deadline is missed, which is pretty much a certainty, the state Democratic Party will still be able to choose someone to put on the ballot in November. Let’s hope they do a better job than Massachusetts.

  2. I wonder which lobbying group will hire him?
    This guy was worthless, anyway. As for the timing, yeah, it ain’t great. But this prick could have done the same thing on the first Monday in November.
    Bye-bye, Bayh!

  3. By CNN’s count, each party has 6 retiring incumbents in the Senate. I’m not panicking… yet.

    Really, all I could think when I heard this particular news was “Bayh, seeya.”

  4. Well Bayh is my senator and I am happy to see him go. This way I won’t have to decide between voting for a publicant and just leaving the space blank. I agree Maha good riddance. Wasn’t he on the short list to be VP? Hmmm Bayh, Lieberman, etc, wtf…..

  5. “Let’s hope they do a better job than Massachusetts”

    Don’t hold your breath! It will almost certainly be another “Bluedog”…

  6. “Lets hope they do a better job than Massachusetts”
    Crap, you’d think a three legged blind skunk could beat any Republican after 8 yrs of Bush!
    All I can say is Bye bayh!

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