10 thoughts on “Congratulations Canada

  1. Good for them. This US team was easy to root for, but I’m not devastated that Canada won.
    This wasn’t 1980 US vs. the USSR. Our amatuer college kids against their pro’s. Now, that was a war – on ice, during The Cold War.

  2. Congrats to Canada!

    OT, I just learned (from this DailyKos diary) about the Coffee Party movement. It all began with this Facebook page. Excerpt:

    Some of this movement’s founding principles is that they demand civility and reason in all public discourse.

    Think about it –if reason prevailed, how much wingnuttery would end?

  3. Wow ! What a game. One for the ages. The country that invented hockey, wins the gold. How fitting.

  4. About the Coffee Party:
    they demand civility and reason in all public discourse.

    The problem with that is they won’t get any media coverage without some kind of outrageous behavior so the only people who hear about them are the people who already know the message.

  5. OK, secretly I was rooting for the Canadians… is that so wrong?

    No, it’s understandable considering that you’re part of the liberal establishment/ hate America crowd. 🙂

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