The Cost of Doing Nothing

One of the biggest frustrations of the way the health care reform “debate” is played out in media is that Republicans have been able to frighten people with the claim of rising premium rates and rising taxes as a result of the Dem program. The reality is that the Dem program, flawed as it is, is a lot more cost-effective than the current mess of a “system.” And there are lots of reasons why an incremental approach won’t work.

Good explanation: Reed Abelson, “The Cost of Doing Nothing on Health Care.” See also Steve Benen.

And then there’s the GOP approach to controlling health care cost, so well summarized as “die faster.”

9 thoughts on “The Cost of Doing Nothing

  1. Palin was right. There will be death panels. But IOKIYAR! That Ryan fellow has presented his method of killing off over-65 people as though he would be doing a favor!

  2. Well, the New York Times Article says what I keep on saying. Even if taxes rise slightly as a result of reforming health care – it won’t be nearly as much as what we will save on insurance premiums and it will be an actual net increase in money for most people. I can’t comprehend why Democrats won’t say that! Actually – I can – they can’t admit to increase taxes.

  3. This is exactly why I have no intention of quiting smoking and drinking. I want to go fast.
    That something as simple as extending health care to the masses of people can be tied to the utter stupidity that has been exhibited is astounding. Not surprising, just astounding; in that people are actually buying the BS.
    Health care for everyone – too fucking expensive!
    Keeping taxes low for the rich, unlimited money for wars and torture – FUCKING PRICELESS!!!
    We’re starting to make the ancient Roman’s seem like paragons of virtue. At least they gave some bread to go along with the circuses.
    No free bread for us. And, you still have to pay your cable or satellite bill to get FOX and Frauds, CNN, and the bulk of MSNBC.

  4. Watching Ezra clarify reconciliation on MSNBC. He mentioned how it confused a lot of the press. Isn’t that pitiful? We’ve been hearing about reconciliation for weeks now, and the people reporting on it do not understand it, yet can talk about it and ask questions of lawmakers and summarize to their listeners. The media people worthy of respect are so few and far between. Listening to the Obama HCR summit the other day, I was as astounded as I can get anymore to hear the commentary from Ms. Connolly and Mr. Williams that added zero to understanding, with insult added to injury by the anchorpersons blathering their intros and outros of zero content. Just getting straight info is not an easy thing. What are the chances for the Republican noise machine stopping facts from predominating the discussion? Damn good!

  5. To add something to Bill Bush’s criticism of the media’s portrait of this health care summit: most of the media talking heads said that Obama looked and sounded like a domineering school principal or something, he told Republicans on several occasions to get beyond talking points and actually make a specific proposal. I was watching it on Fox News while running on a treadmill at the gym and Shepard Smith (who I happen to like) pulled out of it and went on a tirade about how stupid the whole thing was! I hope more of the talking heads did that.

  6. @ Bill Bush – “Liberal Media” is as much a misnomer as “Fair & Balanced.” When your editors are pushing you to just publish reich wing talking points, why would you want to be bothered with fact checking or research? MSM is just a corporate propaganda tool, you know, much like Foxpravda. We keep getting closer to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” all the time.

  7. Crazy About – You hit the nail on the head. Dems should take a page from Ross Perot’s – the chart guy – playbook. And, if for-profit corporations are running a system, health care, profit drives their operation. Assuming the government is not in a profit driven business, health insurance should be cheaper administered by it.

    Not to mention the various single-payer systems presently in existence around the globe at far less cost than this 37th-in-the-world-in-quality system that has become like a plague in our lives.

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