James O’Keefe = Fraud

Scott Shifrel writes in the New York Daily News:

Brooklyn prosecutors on Monday cleared ACORN of criminal wrongdoing after a four-month probe that began when undercover conservative activists filmed workers giving what appeared to be illegal advice on how to hide money.

While the video by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles seemed to show three ACORN workers advising a prostitute how to hide ill-gotten gains, the unedited version was not as clear, according to a law enforcement source.

“They edited the tape to meet their agenda,” said the source.

Big surprise, not. Of course, this won’t make any dents in wingnut opinions of ACORN.

10 thoughts on “James O’Keefe = Fraud

  1. Loved watching Breitbart freak out over at Crooks and Liars, ah schadenfreude, like a sweet nectar.

  2. Good one, Chief.

    “Of course, this won’t make any dents in wingnut opinions of ACORN.”

    True. So true. Once those folks get an idea in their heads neither reason, concrete facts, nor a mallet applied upside the head can dislodge it. I suspect it has something to do with skull density.

  3. “SurPRAHZ, surPRAHZ, surPRAHZ.”

    I think this addresses part of the argument “Why we’re smarter:” we have longer attention spans, and we follow a story through to its conclusion. We don’t just listen until we hear the part that seems to support our prejudices, then wander off.

    The Right pulls crap like the O’Keefe Follies all the time (see also: stolen emails from climate scientists that were cherrypicked for a false meme), and the Right is only successful with this crap because its audience is intellectually lazy. I suppose if we became blatant liars, and uncritical receivers of information, we’d catch up (actually, down) to the Right… but do we really want to?

    My response has been to print off articles like the above-linked story from NY Daily News, and pass them out to the Righties I work with. It shuts them up… for about 24 hours, until the next BS meme comes along. (My work here is never done.)

  4. This is OT so I apologize, though it does have to do with another RW nut. All you sports fans out there… what’s the deal with Jim Bunning? Too many bean balls to the noggin? Yikes!

  5. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how people could so consistently prefer self-serving delusion over truth. It’s so bad with these people, that when a Breibart (but really, any right wing idiot) manages to pull the wool over others, they think this is a big accomplishment.

    I keep going back to grade school – I happened to be one of those kids who was in what our school called “the accelerated class”. Although noone explicitly told us, this division of kids into Alphas, Betas, Deltas and so on parallels the way the world metes out rewards. Those kids who weren’t so academically bright were often jealous of those of us who were recognized and positioned into the fast-track, and often subjected kids like me to bullying and other forms of harassment.

    As Kurt Vonnegut pointed out, high school sadly is a microcosm of the real world. You can have the brightest people in the world meticulously building a case for global warming, the most caring people in the world trying to do good for others through organizations like ACORN, but there will always be those who never found their excellence and their way to contribute it to the larger whole, and who need to pull everyone else down, to make themselves feel good.

  6. Veritas!

    I wonder how this revelation is going to affect his defense funding? How does that expression go?…When you’re a winner everybody is your friend, but when you’re a loser you’re on your own! It seems O’Keefe is going to be like Jesus..Despised and rejected among men…well, O’keefe will be despised and rejected among the GOP…close enough.

  7. I can hardly wait for for THE NY Post, FOX, Glenn, Rush, Sean, Billo, etc, to apologize and make this an important part of their coverage and broadcasts.
    The reason I can hardly wait, is that, literally, I would wait until global warming made the temperature in Heaven the same as in Hell. So, I can hardly wait for that to happen, now can I?

  8. This story never pulled me in. So the noise machine is noisy and full of nonsense, whats new? I must need to get a job because I can’t take this baloney anymore!

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