Senate Bill Passed

The Senate bill has passed in the House. Now they have to vote on the reconciliation bill.

Update: I’m seeing 217 votes. We’ve got it. We have health care reform.

I like what Ezra Klein said on MSNBC. He said this is just the beginning of a process. It provides a structure on which to build.

Update: Paul Krugman: “A victory for America’s soul.”

22 thoughts on “Senate Bill Passed

  1. Unlike Congress, I haz to get up and go to work tomorrow. Oh, the suspense! Or as a Wonkette commenter said when the 2nd of three votes passed 216 “Yea”: Bingo, we won. I think we really should have talked about this more.

    Must sleep now… in order to face irate Rightie coworkers in the morning. Blurgh. Brave new world, brave new world, must remember it’s a brave new world….

  2. Yglesias has posted a clip from Apocalypse Now that seems sadly appropriate.

    I’m very happy that we’ve got this thing passed AT LAST, so much that it’s almost enough to forgive all the months wasted pussyfooting with Republicans who we knew last year were never going to vote for it, and all the heinous compromising, starting with taking single-payer off the table. It’s been an awful, dirty, disgusting battle, but, right now, “it smells like…victory.”

    Now I’m off for a few more listens to YouTube versions of ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ and do a little happy-dance on a virtual Jim DeMint’s face.

  3. I’d like to believe it is a Republican right-wing “Waterloo”. I don’t see any well deserved exile for our Republican “friends” as they fight a losing rear guard action on their retreat from Moscow.

  4. This is a very awesome night. Thank you, Maha, for fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting!

  5. Just heard the comments from the local news of our reps, Vitter and Cassidy, as well as dear Mary Landreu…..they are not happy..which makes me very happy! I’m even ready to go do a little dance to Abba’s Waterloo. I agree with KS Maha in thanking you for the good fight. I see hope once again. Cheers all!!

  6. it might smell like victory
    and in many ways it is
    but to me it rings hollow
    such a sordid nasty biz

    not one single republican
    had the balls to cross the line
    why then was there compromise
    it is time to grow a spine

    we must kill bipartisanship
    let’s bury this evil thing
    quit thinking that it’s useful
    what good did it ever bring

    Obama can you hear me
    this has to change your mind
    that party is full of idiots
    let’s leave them far behind

    they have surely proven
    for us there’s no regard
    they are bought and paid for
    with the corporate credit card

  7. I want to thank Barbara O’Brien for being a regular and reliable SOURCE of information over the last year. The service the MSM should provide and does not was provided with distinction by our fine hostess.

    The vote was close and it may well be that the informed blogosphere made the difference. We will probably never know. Around work I am known for my views – but everyone has an opinion – and for the FACTS I can call up from memory. Most of what I learned as an advocate, I learned from thsi blog and I suspect I am duplicated as an activist source a thousand times over.

    Good Job, girl. That hope and change thing might just work out after all.

  8. Not so worried about the office. The only rightie who’s opinion I care about, I was able to convert last week using info learned from Mahablog.

  9. My goats seem curiously apathetic. But, I am sure they will come around.

    I think one important lesson from this process will be to fight tirelessly. the Republicans were banking on the fact that many of the electorate have the attention span of a fruitfly. They almost succeeded in derailing the bill, but they didn’t. This is a hard won victory, but for that reason, it is all the more significant.

    Secondly, we have to keep fighting. HCR is a work in progress and we just took the first step.

    The Republicans might continue the lies and vitriol, but they are looking progressively more like angry fools. Well if the shoe fits…..

    The foaming at the mouth thing gets old very quickly and they will have to come up with something different to woo the next generation of voters.

  10. moonbat, I am practicing my placid Buddha smile as I type this. That’ll drive em crazy.

    finefroghair, you are also a fineballadeer! Thanks for that.

  11. Many thanks to you, Barbara. You and the posters here have kept me hopeful through some of the darkest days, when health care reform seemed to be on life support and fading fast.

  12. C A U Planning,

    I hate to break your bubble, but when they only advertise a job like this for 2 weeks, they already have a candidate they have decided to pick and the Vacancy Announcement is just done to fill legal requirements.

    Sorry. Apply if you want, but don’t be too disappointed.

  13. Gosh Chief! How do I get a job if I don’t have the experience to get a job??? Can you explain that to me? I’ve had such a rough time, but I’m volunteering with tons of nonprofits to improve my resume from just having some dumb & useless Masters Degree in Urban Planning – but I haven’t been able to get a job! How does a person’s professional career begin if they simply can’t get a job with a Masters in the field the wish to work in? Damn you harsh cruel world!!!!! If you want to give me a tip or offer some other form of constructive career advice let me know and I can post my email address here.

  14. C A U P: Follow the Chicago voting advice, paraphrased as “apply early; apply often.” Go for the Federal job; it can’t hurt.

    That experience thing has been a problem since they apprentice system ended for most fields. It isn’t such a big problem when the economy is flush with jobs. But that ain’t today.

    Check out my company, Serco Inc. ( We have a business unit devoted to transportation and do work in several state and local governments. I know they bid some business recently in Atlanta and Memphis. I don’t know if they have any openings, but a guy with passion and a masters should be able to do something useful. :o))

    If you don’t spot anything on the web site, contact me at david[dot]shaw[at] and I’ll get you in touch with the business unit. No promises.

    Sorry for the off-topic, all.

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