Welcome to the Plutocracy

Business Insider — which I take it is not exactly a socialist propaganda sheet — has published 15 charts showing wealth and inequality in America.

The gap between the top 1 percent and everyone else hasn’t been this big since the Roaring Twenties. And we might remember how that ended.

You don’t want to read the comments to this article. In brief — Thank God we’re not like Europe! I’m serious.

See also Kevin Drum and Political Carnival.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Plutocracy

  1. Yeah, great comment from “Atlas” about not being like the “statist states of Europe.” In later comments, he pours on the stupid like a sugar-addicted child does maple syrup on waffles.
    In Greek mythology, the Titan God, Atlas, supported the world on his shoulders. This modern “Atlas,” supports the 1% that profit from economic inequality. What a hero!
    I was going to write a reply to this imbecile in the comments, but I figured, why waste the electrons? A mind that’s full of shit can’t be as easily changed as a diaper that’s full of shit.

  2. “statist states of Europe”

    I’d like to see a chart that shows the percentage of dimwitted teabaggers that talk trash about europe that have actually been to europe, now that would be interesting.

  3. One has to admit since St. Ronnie’s day impressive strides have been made.

    To Norquist, who loves being called a revolutionary, hardly an agency of government is not worth abolishing, from the Internal Revenue Service and the Food and Drug Administration to the Education Department and the National Endowment for the Arts. “My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years,” he says, “to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”

    After they’re done drowning it – they’ll replace it with something REALLY special.

  4. “he pours on the stupid like a sugar-addicted child does maple syrup on waffles.”

    🙂 Good analogy! LMAO

  5. Defending “freedom and liberty” is like playing world cop. Conservatives don’t understand that the battles must be very carefully chosen, lest “America patriots” wind up looking like toady a$$holes to everybody else.

  6. Here’s the core values of the Tea Party Patriots –

    Fiscal Responsibility
    Constitutionally Limited Government
    Free Markets

    Every one of those core teabagger values values works to keep the trends described in the ‘Business Insider’ growing wider and wider as the wealthy get a hammerlock on weak government and the poor get squeezed ever harder by banks, insurance companies and energy companies.

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  8. Here’s a little tidbit…not exactly a pie graph, but it gives you a good appreciation for economic disparity.. Several years ago the CEO of Florida Power Corporation, a subsidiary of Progress Energy Corporation retired after 32 years with Florida Power. His farewell compensation package was equivalent to the yearly salaries of 11,000 of Florida Power’s employees, as reported by the St Petersburg Times. You can’t shake a stick at that…it’s like the bible says, A working man is entitled to his wage.

  9. The real genius move was pinning the working class retirement to the stock market (401k) so that every tax cut for capital gains looked like a tax cut to regular working folk. Even though our benefit is minuscule, we are still bamboozled.

  10. Jennifer, absolutely right. To “save” for retirement, we’re forced to invest in the stock market; there are no other benefit options anymore. Of course, we only remember that during a crash, and then conveniently forget as soon as the market starts ticking up again. The whole scheme is least beneficial to the 401(k) account holders, with the most benefit to administering companies and to Wall Street.

  11. http://wonkette.com/414746/wingnut-lady-furious-at-joseph-cao-in-his-district

    Great little article about Rep. Cao of New Orleans. The wingnut who was the featured ‘mad’ person about his yes vote on HCR obviously knows nothing about the state of Louisiana. Those so-called ghetto residents are welfare addicted and have no work ethic? God bless them if they can survive on this state’s so-called welfare. The Vietnamese have a work ethic and the blacks don’t? White racism is and has always been at the core of the teabaggers. All hopes of anything else has been destroyed by that woman. I speak for a white Independent, not from the south woman living in Baton Rouge. Trust me, the racism is alive and well in the south as well as in America.

    Is it really 2010? Should I move to Quebec or British Columbia?

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