Teh Stupid Has No Limits

The question for the day is, how stupid does a prominent wingnut have to be before he becomes an embarrassment to the Cause? I’m saying that if they didn’t hit bottom with Jonah Goldberg and Erick Erickson, there is no bottom.

Erickson found Elena Kagan’s undergraduate thesis, written in 1981. According to Erickson, it is proof she is a socialist. Erickson wrote, “This proves Elena Kagan is an open and avowed socialist. The woman declares that socialists must stick together instead of fracture in order to advance a socialist agenda, which Kagan advocates.”

I skimmed the thing; it’s a paper submitted to Princeton’s history department titled “To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933,” and she examined economic, cultural social, and other reasons why socialism didn’t take hold in the city (and by extension in the U.S.) to the same extent that it did in other countries.

What it isn’t is an argument in favor of socialism. On page 126, she wrote, “The socialists’ was a sterile program, suited to a sterile party.” Not a ringing endorsement.

So if we find out that, say, Condoleezza Rice wrote a thesis about the Soviet Union (which she probably did), does that make her a Communist?

See also: Scott Lemieux, “Breaking!!!!! We Have Evidence That Erick Erickson Isn’t Very Bright!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Teh Stupid Has No Limits

  1. I keep waiting for EE to say something so remarkably stupid, inane, and/or crazy, that he’d get fired from CNN. I mean, Hell, even Rush got fired at ESPN for remarks about Donovan McNabb that offended everyone not playing for the KKK Krackers.
    Unfortunately, the bar for journalism at ESPN, a SPORTS channel, is higher than the one at CNN. The bar is at CNN is set so low, that there is no answer to, “How low can you go?” in the new news limbo. Even Limbaugh-low isn’t too low.
    And if they fire EE, he’ll be a martyr to the cause. Killed because of the “Liberal” media.
    -He’ll get a 5-book deal from Regnery.
    -The NY Post will hire his a columnist.
    -Fred at the WaPo will immediatly throw E. J Dionne under the bus to give this great, badly maligned, conservative intellectual pundit room on America’s 2nd worst Op-Ed page. He’ll outbid Murdoch of the WSJ for the priviledge.
    -He’ll get his own radio show.
    -He’ll appear on FOX News so much, they’ll give him his own show, just to see if someone can out-Beck Glenn, and get the critical 5 o’clock spot on FOX, right after their viewers come back from “Early-bird specials, and just before they have to check their insuline levels, walk the dog, take their Metamucil, and head off to sleep. FOX needn’t worry, the restless-leg syndrome will wake them up in plenty of time for Sean and Billo.
    -Conservative “Think-tanks” will clamor for his biting wit, his singular take, and his ability to accuse anyone not in their camp with a variety of “goat-fucking” insults.
    -He will be a respected pundit on all Sunday bloviating gabfest’s.
    -He’ll mull running for high public office, having learned a lesson from Sarah. Many will figure that he can’t be any worse than her. At least he can write. Whether he does or not, he’ll make even more money.
    -Eventually, he’ll be caught being escorted by some poor, male, under-age Tibetan goat-herder at some gay/lesbian torture club eating the gonads of a 5 year-old Iranian shepard boy. This will propel him to a run for the Presidency, where, as the Republican candidate, he will run on “Torture, Death, Sodomy and Rum – just not necesarilly in that order. We just want to put the most important points to our supports in priority.”
    -He will win.
    -And, after a 20 year Presidency, hey, someone had to beat FDR, he will be the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS in the Trig Palin Adminstration.
    Wanna bet it can’t happen?

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  3. One of the fascinating incidents since Kagan started making the rounds on The Hill is that Scott Brown does not intent to join a fillibuster of Kagan. I doubt if I would agree with Scott Brown on much, but he thumbed his nose at Palin and the Tea Party Express when they passed through Boston – and he seems intent on giving Kagan the nod. This guy is his own man – he’s a conservative, but he doesn’t have a ring through his nose for the tebaggers of the GOP to haul him in. We have a 2-party system and frankly – we need more honest politicians like SB on the other side of the aisle.

  4. Is Erickson serious? You gotta really work hard on your stupidity to be that stupid. I’ve never seen anybody achieve such total stupidity in so few amount of words. If stupidity were an Olympic event he’s score 9.8’s or higher without a doubt.

    OT..Here’s a link to one of my favorite Liberals..Comrade* Blummer. I think you’ll agree that she makes a valid point.


    * the Comrade designation is intended as a slight by the Rightie’s who comment on her columns..But to me it’s an endearment and a badge of honor for her consistent ability to punch holes in the distorted logic of the Rightie’s minds

  5. Swami, I went to your link and started reading, thinking to myself “yeah, she ain’t attractive, she’s no Sarah Palin” , not that that matters to me, I’m looking at the sad bigger picture of celebrity and popularity where people get the “thumbs up” or down based on appearance, ala Susan Boyle;to some people, it is amazing, mind boggling, that such a sound could come from such an unattractive person.

    Every time I see Palin on Tee Vee, she is dressed in leather, kind of leading to the sexy dominatrix image, her ratings would soar if she walked on stage in a leather bustier carrying a riding crop.Mamma Grizzly pit bull with lipstick, she’ll beat ya till ya bleed, then beat ya for bleedin’.

    As far as the comment by Savage about Kagan looking like she belongs in a Kosher deli, Savage doesn’t look like he should be hanging with the Swedish Bikini team either.None of those radio blow hards will win a beauty contest, that’s why they’re on the damned radio!

  6. All that is needed by the right is for these people to say something that seems pithy and perceptive so that it can become a quotable phrase with a link to confer legitimacy to the superficial. Colbert’s ‘truthiness” in action!

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