Wingnuts Smear the Dalai Lama

Thursday I attended a press conference held by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is in New York City giving teachings at Radio City Music Hall. This morning I found that the Rightie Hate Brigade had seized on some out-of-context quotes from the press conference to hurl ridicule and invective at His Holiness. I set the record straight on the other blog — see “Out of Context Quotes Used to Smear Dalai Lama.”

The amount of ignorance exhibited by the wingnuts is unprecedented, except by everything else they write.

Update: Mostly so I can send trackbacks — the worst offenders are Jim Hoft on the Catholic website First Things; Doug Powers, writing at Michelle Malkins’s blog; Allahpundit, writing at Hot Air; David Swindle, writing at NewsRealBlog; and Sheik Yer Mami, at Wings of Jihad. [Update: Here’s one more, by BigGator5 at RedState.]

Because the lengthy explanation of what His Holiness actually said, including a transcription of a voice recording of part of the conference, is at the other blog, I’m cutting off comments to this post.